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December 25, 2023
2hr 9min
Status: released

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Mallari Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino
Release dateDecember 25, 2023
Running time2hr 9min
Age ratingR
StarringPiolo Pascual
Janella Salvador
Elisse Joson
JC Santos
Gloria Diaz
Directed by Roderick Cabrido
Written byEnrico Santos
Produced byJohn Brian Diamante
Ronalyn Bana-ag
Cinematography by Pao Orendain
Edited by Noah Tonga
Nelson Villamayor
Music byVon de Guzman
Production CompanyMentorque Productions
Clever Minds Inc.
Distributor Warner Bros. Pictures
Star Cinema

Mallari Movie Cast & Characters:

  • 1810s
    • Piolo Pascual as Juan Severino Mallari, Catholic parish priest and serial killer.[1] He also plays his sinister alter-ego who convinces him to commit the murders.
    • Gloria Diaz as Doña Facunda Mallari
    • Mylene Dizon as Melinda
    • Ge Villamil as Maria Capadocia “Maria Capac” Alarcon
    • Ron Angeles as Juancho Kuchero
    • Audrey Alquiroz as Nieves
    • Bart Guingona as Ruizmayor
    • Kian Co as Ponce, Melinda’s son
  • 1940s
    • Piolo Pascual as Johnrey Mallari, a photojournalist[1] and grand nephew of Juan Severino[2]
    • Elisse Joson as Felicity Mallari
    • April Sangco as Conching
    • Vangie Labalan as Older Maria Capac
    • Erlinda Villalobos as Older Facunda Mallari
  • 2020s
    • Piolo Pascual as Jonathan Mallari de Dios, a doctor and great-grandnephew of Juan Severino.[2]
    • Janella Salvador as Agnes Salvador, a doctor who is also Jonathan’s fiance.[3]
    • JC Santos as Brother Lucas Alarcon Segundo
    • Tommy Alejandrino as Didi Laan
    • Angeli Nicole Sanoy as Amalia “Amal” Alarcon
    • Raffy Tejada as Father Mac


Inspired by true events, Mallari tells the horrific story of Fr. Severino Mallari, a 19th century priest during the Spanish occupation and his descent into madness. The film recounts Father Mallari’s life and work as a parish priest in Pampanga, where he reportedly murdered 57 people to aid his ailing mother.

Mallari Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Worldwide Collection₱80 million

About Mallari Movie:

Mallari is a Philippine horror film written by Enrico Santos and directed by Roderick Cabrido.

It stars Piolo Pascual as Juan Severino Mallari, a Catholic priest who killed 57 people in the 19th century and is the first and only recorded serial killer in the Philippines. It premiered at the 49th Metro Manila Film Festival on December 25, 2023.

It will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, becoming the second Filipino film the American studio will release after Small Voices in 2003.