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Mang Kanor

January 28, 2023
1hr 29min
Status: released

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Mang Kanor Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Tagalog
Release dateJanuary 28, 2023
Running time1hr 29min
StarringRez Cortez
Nika Madrid
Rob Sy
Joni McNab
Seon Quintos
Directed by Greg Colasito
Written byGreg Colasito
Story byAFA
Produced byMelanie “Honey” Quinto
Cinematography by Carlo Alvarez
Edited by Carlo Alvarez
Music bySean Tuesday
Production CompanyA&Q Films
BlackBox Studios
Blue Ocean Films
Distributor A&Q Films
(AQ Prime)

Mang Kanor Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Rez Cortez as Kanor / Mang Kanor
  • Nika Madrid as Sandra
  • Rob Sy as Bart
  • Joni McNab as Lindsay
  • Seon Quintos as Tisoy
  • Emelyn Cruz as Lyka
  • Rain Perez as Young Mang Kanor
  • John Rhey Flores as Cesar
  • Carlo Mendoza as Julius
  • Via Veloso as Aling Lydia
  • Marlon Mance as Paul
  • Atty. Aldwin Alegre as Atty Galvez
  • Chai-Chai as Betty
  • Sherilyn Reyes as Maegan
  • Purple Conde as Sheng
  • Judy Ann Marasigan as Rose
  • Merab Soriano as Emily
  • Princess Latiza as Mildred


The old businessman who finds himself in a scandal after his sex videos with women went viral.

About Mang Kanor Movie:

On January 20, 2023, The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) issued Notices to Appear on to three entities concerning the exhibition of the motion picture Mang Kanor, and its related publicity materials.

Mang Kanor was released on January 28, 2023, by AQ Prime.