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Mission China

September 8, 2017
1hr 30min
Status: released

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Mission China Movie Details:

Country India
Language Assamese
Release date8 September 2017
Running time1hr 30min
StarringZubeen Garg
Deeplina Deka
Siddharth Nipon Goswami
Yankee Parashar
Directed by Zubeen Garg
Written byZubeen Garg
Screenplay byZubeen Garg
Story byZubeen Garg
Produced byZubeen Garg
Garima Garg Saikia
Cinematography by Suman Duwarah
Pradip Daimary
Edited by Pratim Khaund
Music byZubeen Garg
Production CompanyEye Creations
Distributor Siddharth Goenka (Goenka Enterprises)

Mission China Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Zubeen Garg as ‘Colonel Goswami’
  • Pabitra Rabha as ‘Lama’
  • Deeplina Deka as ‘Chayan’, Colonel Goswami’s love interest
  • Siddharth Nipon Goswami as ‘Sidd’
  • Yankee Parashar as ‘Ragini’, Sidd’s love interest
  • Sattyakee D’com Bhuyan as ‘D’com’, Sniper, Marksman & Sharpshooter
  • Tridib Lahon as ‘Spider’, a bomb specialist
  • Nabadweep Borgohain
  • Parthasarathi Mahanta
  • Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika
  • Bhashwati Bharati
  • Ragini Parashar
  • Priyanka Bharali & Debosmita Banerjee (Special Appearance in the song “Raat Jwale”)


Mission China is all about a journey or a mission of a retired colonel, who is appointed to rescue the daughter of the home minister of the state, who had been kidnapped by Lama, an extremist rebel making its establishment on the borders of China.

Mission China Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Budget₹2 crore (US$250,000)
Worldwide Collection₹6 crore (US$750,000)

About Mission China Movie:

Mission China is produced by Garima Saikia Garg and Zubeen Garg under the banner of “I Creation Productions”.

Mission China is shot in many exotic locations such as Mirza, Sikkim, Shillong, Dima Hasao, Tawang etc.

Mission China was released on 8 September 2017 in Assam with nearly 168 daily screenings. The movie has gathered positive responses from fans. The movie is also scheduled to release in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore. The movie was scheduled to release in Bengali in December 2017. Zubeen Garg says that he is planning to make another part of Mission China and invest more than ₹ 4 crores this time.

Zubeen Garg says that he is planning to make another part of Mission China and invest more than ₹ 4 crores this time.

Mission China has also beaten the first-day collection record of blockbuster Baahubali and Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan by a considerable margin in Assam.