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February 7, 2024
1hr 27min

Munkar Movie Details:

Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
Release dateFebruary 7, 2024 (Indonesia)
February 15, 2024 (Malaysia)
Running time1hr 27min
CastAdhisty Zara
Safira Ratu Sofya
Saskia Chadwick
Kaneishia Yusuf
Khadijah Aruma
Directed by Anggy Umbara
Written byEvelyn Afnilia
Produced byManoj Punjabi
Cinematography by Dicky R. Maland
Edited by Gita Miaji
Music byRicky Lionardi
Production companiesMD Pictures
PT Umbara Brothers Film
Pichouse Films
Distributor Antenna Entertainment (Malaysia, theatrically)

Munkar Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Adhisty Zara as Ranum
  • Safira Ratu Sofya as Herlina
  • Saskia Chadwick as Robiatul
  • Kaneishia Yusuf as Siti
  • Khadijah Aruma as Dilla
  • Elma Theana as Ummi Yayu
  • Tio Pakusadewo as Darroes
  • Ayu Hastari as Ummi Indri
  • Miqdad Addausy as Ustaz Ghani
  • Husein Al Athas as Jaffar
  • Vonny Anggraini as Dewi
  • Santana Sartana as Sapto
  • Egy Fedly as Tarjo


Herlina (Safira Ratu Sofya), who behaved strangely and was often bullied, died in an accident. Not accepting that their child had died, the parents sent Herlina’s spirit with the help of a shaman to avenge Herlina against her friends at the Islamic boarding school.

About Munkar Movie:

Munkar is an Indonesian horror film directed by Anggy Umbara and written by Evelyn Afnilia. Produced by Manoj Punjabi, it stars Adhisty Zara, Safira Ratu Sofya, Saskia Chadwick, Kaneishia Yusuf, and Khadijah Aruma.

This film is based on the East Javanese Urban Legend.

It was shot in Lamongan, East Java, Indonesia.

Munkar was released theatrically on February 7, 2024.

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