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Ocho apellidos marroquís

December 1, 2023
2hr 37min
Status: released

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Ocho apellidos marroquís Movie Details:

Spanish titleOcho apellidos marroquís
Country Spain
Language Spanish
Release date1 December 2023
Running time2hr 37min
StarringJulián López
Michelle Jenner
Elena Irureta
María Ramos
Directed by Álvaro Fernández Armero
Screenplay byDaniel Castro
Produced byGhislain Barrois
Álvaro Augustin
Jaime Ortiz de Artiñano
Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson
Cinematography by Sergi Gallardo
Edited by Raúl de Torres
Music byVanessa Garde
Production CompanyTelecinco Cinema
Toto Films AIE
Distributor Universal Pictures International Spain

Ocho apellidos marroquís Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Elena Irureta as Carmen
  • Michelle Jenner as Begoña
  • Julián López as Guillermo López de Castro
  • María Ramos as Hamida
  • Hamza Zaidi
  • Abdelatif Hwidar [ca]
  • Ayoub El Hilali [es] as Abdel
  • Antonio Resines as José María


Carmen (Elena Irureta) wants to fulfill the last wish of José María, her husband and patriarch of the family: recover the ‘Sardinete’, the first fishing boat in his fleet, which is anchored in a Moroccan port. On the trip from Cantabria to Morocco, she will be accompanied by her daughter Begoña (Michelle Jenner) and her ex, Guillermo (Julián López), desperate to win back her love. Among cultural clashes, they will also discover José María’s great secret: Hamida (María Ramos), his other daughter.

Ocho apellidos marroquís Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Budget€5.5 million
Worldwide Collection€12.5 million

About Ocho apellidos marroquís Movie:

A Moroccan Affair (Spanish: Ocho apellidos marroquís) is a Spanish romantic comedy film directed by Álvaro Fernández Armero from a screenplay by Daniel Castro which stars Julián López, Michelle Jenner, Elena Irureta, and María Ramos.

Originally it was filmed under the title “Casi Familia” (Almost Family). At the last minute before the premiere, the film was retitled and rebranded as a sequel to box-office hits Spanish Affair (2014) and Spanish Affair 2 (2015).

The film was shot in between Morocco (Essaouira), Cantabria (San Vicente de la Barquera), and Madrid.

Ocho apellidos marroquís was released on December 1, 2023, by Universal Pictures International Spain.

The film had a domestic box-office gross of over €1.68 million in its opening weekend, good for the 2nd largest debut for a Spanish film in 2023, but trailing well below the figures of its predecessors.