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Operation Mayfair

March 24, 2023
1hr 55min
Status: released

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Operation Mayfair Movie Details:

Country India
Language Hindi
Release dateMarch 24, 2023
Running time1hr 55min
StarringJimmy Shergill
Vedieka Dutt
Ankur Bhatia
Directed by Sudipto Sarkar
Written byAnthony Khatchaturian
Sudipto Sarkar
Produced byNash Vazifdar
Cinematography by Santonio Terzio
Edited by Sandeep Sethy
Music bySavvy Gupta
Production CompanyFlame Visuals
T-Series Films
Distributor AJ Films Entertainment World
Netflix India

Operation Mayfair Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Jimmy Shergill as Amar Singh
  • Vedieka Dutt as Lisa Varma
  • Ankur Bhatia as Kevin DaCosta
  • Hritiqa Chheber as Sonia Kapoor
  • Bryan Lawrence as Commissioner Douglas
  • Vedant Sarkar as Young Kevin
  • Anjali Sharma as Melinda DaCosta
  • Antara Banerjee as Tania Singh
  • Kalgi Hitesh Banda as Alishka Singh
  • Sneha Singh as Olivia
  • Zara Hadeshian (credited as Zara Hadeshian-Banks) as Kevin’s Stepmom
  • Adnan Kapadia as Benjamin DaCosta
  • David Sayers as Orphanage Head
  • Kinhikar Ashwini Deole as Olivia’s Aunt
  • Pedro Bosnich as Bartender at Jolly Farmers
  • Anna Sofia as Zena
  • Stephanie Tripp as Sarah Jones
  • Savannah Gracey as Dancer
  • Zayyan Sacraine as Kevin’s Son
  • Marty Mummery as Justin – the Hitman
  • Renée Eskildsen as Detective
  • Sammy Jonas Heaney as Mathew


Three years after a detective quit his job over his failure to catch a shadowy serial killer, a new murder in London compels him to resume his hunt.

About Operation Mayfair Movie:

Operation Mayfair is a Hindi Crime, Thriller film directed by Sudipto Sarkar and written by Anthony Khatchaturian, Sudipto Sarkar. It star Jimmy Shergill, Vedieka Dutt, & Ankur Bhatia.

Operation Mayfair was released on March 24, 2023.