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Para Kang Papa Mo

December 13, 2023
Status: released

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Para Kang Papa Mo Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino
Release dateDecember 13, 2023
Running time2hr
StarringMark Anthony Fernandez
Nikko Natividad
Jao Mapa
Directed by Darryl Yap
Written byDarryl Yap
Produced byVeronique Del Rosario-Corpus
Vincent Del Rosario III
Cinematography by Rain Yamson
Edited by Vincent L. Asis
Music byEmerzon Texon
Production CompanyVinCentiments
Viva Films
Distributor Viva Films

Para Kang Papa Mo Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Mark Anthony Fernandez as Anton Maramag
  • Nikko Natividad as Harry Potter Maramag
  • Jao Mapa as Jose Dumlao
  • Eric Fructuoso as Ric Alog
  • Ruby Ruiz as Tita Tita
  • Zeus Collins as Eminem Dumlao
  • Kid Yambao as Kobe Bryant Alog
  • Rose Van Ginkel as Krazy K1
  • Juliana Parizcova Segovia as Host
  • Billy Jake Cortez as Doctor Yuson
  • Gerard Acao as Warden
  • Lowell Conales as Kakosa
  • JM San Jose as Young Harry
  • Joshua Hans Jamir Datanao as Young Kobe
  • Dwayne James Bialoglovski as Young Eminem
  • Ellysha Pineda as Krazy K2
  • Fatrisha Boongaling as Krazy K2
  • Kirshey Magallanes as Krazy K3
  • Denisse Eclanial as Krazy K3
  • Raque Boy Rocero as Anton Double
  • Jose Llovido Jr. as Jose Double
  • Nikko Pardilla as Ric Double
  • Ruziell Lim as Ahente
  • John Jeani Paul Balingit as Child Actor for Opening
  • Evelyn Balingit as Teacher with Lines
  • Lucky Jay De Guzman as Bus Konduktor


In the vibrant 1990s Philippines, the infectious trend of village-level dance contests echoes through communities. Young talents Anton, Ric, and Jose are at the heart of it. Their dance crew rules the local scene, their passion igniting the stage with each performance. Yet, envy lurks in the shadows, a malicious force conspiring to dismantle their dreams.

About Para Kang Papa Mo Movie:

Para Kang Papa Mo is a Filipino Comedy film directed and written by Darryl Yap. It star Mark Anthony Fernandez, Nikko Natividad, and Jao Mapa in the lead roles.

Para Kang Papa Mo was released on December 13, 2023.