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Parwaaz Hai Junoon

August 22, 2018
2hr 10min
Status: released

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  • According to director of media affairs PAF Syed Mohammad Ali and Momina Duraid, the film is intended to be a tribute to Pakistan Air Force with stories inspired from real life.
  • Duraid also announced that all of the major earnings of film will be donated to PAF funds.
  • The casting of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Osman Khalid Butt was announced at the launch event of film, with real life members of Pakistan air force comprising the rest of the cast.
  • Few days later Osman had to withdraw as the film’s shoot schedule clashed with his promotions for Balu Mahi and was replaced by Ahad Raza Mir.
  • Farhat Ishtiaq wrote the film’s script. The final cast includes Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ahad Raza Mir, Kubra Khan, Hania Aamir, Shaz Khan, Marina Khan and Shamoon Abbasi.
  • In an Interview to Daily Pakistan, Hamza Ali Abbasi confirmed that much of the filming was done at various places of Pakistan such as cities which included Saidpur, Murree, Sargodha and Lahore, as well as Karachi.
  • The director Haseeb Hassan also revealed that some parts of the film were shot on K2 and the Karakoram Highway.
  • Two separate teasers of the film was released, first teaser, featuring Hamza Ali Abbasi and Shaz Khan was released on 19 April 2018, while the second teaser featuring Ahad Raza Mir and Hania Amir was released on 23 April 2018.
  • The trailer of the film was released on 6 July 2018.
  • It was released on Eid al-Adha, 24 August 2018, under Momina & Duraid Films and was distributed by Hum Films It is the seventh-highest-grossing Pakistani film of all time.