Pasar Setan

February 29, 2024
1hr 36min
Status: released

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Pasar Setan Movie Details:

Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
Release dateFebruary 29, 2024 (Indonesia)
Running time1hr 36min
CastRana Audi Marissa
Roy Sungkono
Michelle Tahalea
Kiki Narendra
Pangeran Lantang
Directed by Wisnu Surya Pratama
Written byPratiwi Juliani
Produced bySusanti Dewi
Executive producersFajar Nugros
William Utomo
Winston Utomo
Cinematography by Wendy Agah Wahyudi
Edited by Ahmad Fesdi Anggoro
Music byAlvin Callysta
Andre Harihandoyo
Rahadian Winursito
Production companyIDN Pictures

Pasar Setan Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Rana Audi Marissa as Rani
  • Roy Sungkono as Tamara
  • Michelle Tahalea
  • Kiki Narendra
  • Pangeran Lantang
  • Shindy Huang
  • Agni Pratistha
  • Epy Kusnandar
  • Fajar Gomez
  • Fang Tatis



Rani, a female police officer who handled a murder case in the restricted forest where he served. This case involved Tamara, a vlogger horror who was a victim of the chancel culture of the netizens due to being caught uploading a fake sighting video. Knowing the legendary story of the Devil’s Market, Tamara, and his team then went on a journey to find the Devil’s Market to prove its existence and restore their good name. Problems arose when Tamara discovered the restricted area, but instead of being able to correct a good name, they were instead trapped inside it.


Tamara dan rekan tim vlogger, nekat pergi ke Pasar Setan. Hutan terlarang yang sudah lama menjadi mitos dan kisah horor lokal. Saat mereka menjelajah lebih dalam ke dalam Pasar Setan, banyak kengerian yang dialami. Karena siapa saja yang datang tidak bisa keluar.

About Pasar Setan Movie:

Pasar Setan is an Indonesian horror film directed by Wisnu Surya Pratama (in his directorial debut) and written by Pratiwi Juliani. The film stars Rana Audi Marissa, Roy Sungkono, Michelle Tahalea, Kiki Narendra and Pangeran Lantang.

The filming occurred in Pangrango, West Java, Indonesia.

Pasar Setan was released theatrically in Indonesia on February 29, 2024.