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Phalguna Chaitra

April 7, 2023
2hr 20min
Status: released

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Phalguna Chaitra Movie Details:

Country India
Language Odia
Release dateApril 7, 2023
Running time2hr 20min
StarringPartha Ray
B M Baisali
Ananya Mishra
Directed by Sisir Kumar Sahu
Peenakee Singh
Written bySulagna Mohanty
Pranab Prasanna Rath
Produced bySakti Jagdev
Babushan Mohanty (co-producer)
Cinematography by Rudrakant Singh
Edited by Rashmi Ranjan Dash
Prangya Priyadarshan
Music byKasturi Kaushik
Abhishek Rajput
Eshan Sharma
Jerry Silvester Vincent
Production CompanyAadya Jagdev Films
Babushan Films
Distributor Graphical Application & Programming Unit

Phalguna Chaitra Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Partha Ray
  • B M Baisali
  • Ananya Mishra
  • Choudhury Jayaprakash Das
  • Bhaswati Basu
  • Sukant Rath
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Kabya is an architect who gets an assignment to renovate a vintage house in Odisha. He meets the chirpy and bubbly interior decorator Smruti. They fall in love but then something agonizing happens which changes the dynamics of the relationship.

About Phalguna Chaitra Movie:

Phalguna Chaitra is an Odia film directed by Sisir Kumar Sahu, and Peenakee Singh and written by Sulagna Mohanty, Pranab Prasanna Rath.

Phalguna Chaitra was released in Indian theaters on 7 April 2023.