Pryamoy efir Movie (2023) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

Pryamoy efir

April 6, 2023
1hr 15min
Status: released

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Pryamoy efir Movie Details:

Country Russia
Language Russian
Release dateApril 6, 2023
Running time1hr 15min
StarringPavel Chernyshyov
Kirill Käro
Irina Voronova
Angelina Strechina
Soslan Fidarov
Ulyana Pilipenko
Anastasiya Todoresku
Directed by Karen Oganesyan
Written byDmitry Lanchikhin
Benik Arakelyan
Produced byKaren Oganesyan
Benik Arakelyan
Irina Voronova
Polina Ivanova
Denis Dubovik
Cinematography by Yuri Korobeynikov
Edited by Avet Hovhannisyan
Yuliya Lyubomirova
Music byDenis Dubovik
Production CompanyIrsna Media
Movses Film
Kargo Film
Distributor The White Nights

Pryamoy efir Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Pavel Chernyshyov as Egor
  • Kirill Käro as Alexander Kolomentsev (also tr. Aleksandr)
    • Stanislav Tkachenko as Alexander Kolomentsev in his youth
  • Irina Voronova as Alina
  • Angelina Strechina as Asya
  • Soslan Fidarov as Alan Gabisov
    • Aslan Tsallati as Alan Gabisov in his youth
  • Ulyana Pilipenko as Nina
  • Anastasiya Todoresku as Katya
  • Xenia Shundrina as Olya


Millionaire blogger Egor, in pursuit of content, goes to shoot a test drive of a car in the Caucasus Mountains. Everything gets out of control at the moment when an employee of the car company Aleksandr, who is helping Egor, accidentally steps on a military mine, and Egor decides to hype on this. Now, when one is fighting for his own life, and the second for millions of views – every man for himself. But together they will have to make one common decision.

Pryamoy efir Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Budget₽51 million
Worldwide Collection₽1 million

About Pryamoy efir Movie:

Live (Russian: Прямой эфир, romanized: Pryamoy efir) is a Russian psychological drama film directed by Karen Oganesyan about a young blogger who, in pursuit of hype, loses his moral character. The cast is represented by Pavel Chernyshyov and Kirill Käro.

The film is about a young blogger who, in pursuit of hype, loses his moral character.

Principal photography for the film began in March to April 2021 in Moscow and the Republic of North Ossetia–Alania.

Producer Benik Arakelyan, back in his student years, he had the idea to show a person against the backdrop of the natural elements. The period of self-isolation helped him finalize the idea.

Pryamoy efir was theatrically released in Russia on April 6, 2023, by The White Nights.