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Ride On Movie (2023) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

Ride On Movie (2023):

Ride On (Chinese: 龙马精神) is a Chinese action drama film written and directed by Larry Yang. The film tells a story of an old-school stunt performer and his stunt horse.

It stars Jackie Chan, Liu Haocun, and Guo Qilin. Ride On was released in China on April 7, 2023.

Ride On Movie Information:

Movie NameRide On
Also known asLong ma jing shen
Country China
Language Chinese
Release DateApril 7, 2023 (China)
Running Time2hr 6min
StarringJackie Chan
Qilin Guo
Directed by Larry Yang
Written byLarry Yang
Produced byLi Jie
Belle Lau
Yanming Liu
Yuan Nong
Tianfu Xu
Cinematography by Ming Sun
Production CompaniesAlibaba Pictures
Beijing Hairun Pictures Company
China Film Co., Ltd.
Fosun Group Forever Pictures
HG Entertainment Film Company
Hengdian Entertainment
Distributed byWell Go USA Entertainment (United States)
TWIN (Japan)
Vest (Russia)
Box Office Collection$34,079,664

Ride On Movie Trailer:

Ride On Movie Storyline:

After two debt collectors attempt to seize a stunt horse belonging to washed-up stuntman Luo (Jackie Chan), video of the ensuing confrontation—and the dynamic duo’s narrow acrobatic escape—goes viral on social media. Furious at being humiliated online, the debt collectors return to seek revenge, leaving Luo and Red Hare to engage in a series of hilarious, action-packed antics that outdo even the most daring acts from their glory days.

Ride On Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Jackie Chan as Lao Luo, an old-school stunt performer, has a stunt horse named Red Hare (赤兔)
  • Liu Haocun as Xiao Bao, the daughter of Lao Luo
  • Guo Qilin as Naihua, the boyfriend of Xiao Bao
  • Wu Jing as Yuanjie, the apprentice of Lao Luo
  • Joey Yung as Yingzi, a female stunt performer, the apprentice of Lao Luo
  • Yu Ailei as Xiamao, the husband of Yingzi
  • Yu Rongguang as He Xin, a company CEO, covets Lao Luo’s horse
  • Andy On as Dami Ge, a thug working for debt collectors
  • Xiaoshenyang as Li Yan, a lawyer working for He Xin
  • Shi Yanneng as Dawei, a stunt performer and a friend of Lao Luo

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