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August 4, 2023
1hr 35min
Status: released

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Rookie Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino
Release dateAugust 5, 2023
Running time1hr 35min
Age ratingPG
StarringPat Tingjuy
Aya Fernandez
Agot Isidro
Directed by Samantha Lee
Screenplay byNatts Jadaone
Produced byJan Pineda
Cinematography by Choice Israel
Edited by Ilsa Malsi
Music byLen Calvo
Production CompanyANIMA Studios

Rookie Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Pat Tingjuy as Ace
  • Aya Fernandez as Jana
  • Agot Isidro as Coach Jules
  • Mikoy Morales as Coach Kel
  • Che Ramos as Ace’s mother
  • Alyssa Valdez as herself (cameo role)


The high school volleyball coach spots Ace on her first day at her new school and invites her to try out for the volleyball team. While initially feeling out of place in the volleyball court, everything changes when she falls for the volleyball team captain Jana who dislikes her because she sees her as a threat. Ace eventually finds friendship and freedom with her teammates but a post-game incident involving the team physical therapist changes her world forever.

About Rookie Movie:

Rookie is a Philippine independent LGBT coming-of-age sports film directed by Samantha Lee and written by Natts Jadaone. It stars Pat Tingjuy, Aya Fernandez, and Agot Isidro. The film is about an awkward teenager who joins the volleyball team and falls for the volleyball team captain.

Rookie was released on August 4, 2023.