Soltera, casada, viuda, divorciada Movie (2023) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

Soltera, casada, viuda, divorciada

April 20, 2023
1hr 34min
Status: released

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Soltera, casada, viuda, divorciada Movie Details:

Country Peru
Language Spanish
Release dateApril 20, 2023
Running time1hr 34min
StarringGianella Neyra
Katia Condos
Milene Vásquez
Patricia Portocarrero
Directed by Ani Alva Helfer
Written byAni Alva Helfer
Produced byGianella Neyra
Edited by Angela Vera Temoche
Production CompanyLa Soga Producciones
Distributor BF Distribution

Soltera, casada, viuda, divorciada Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Gianella Neyra as Cecilia
  • Katia Condos as Conny
  • Milene Vázquez as Lorena
  • Patricia Portocarrero as Daniela
  • Diego Bertie as Leonardo
  • Rodrigo Sánchez Patiño
  • Rodrigo Palacios
  • Giovanni Ciccia


The film tells the story of 4 childhood friends, a single – Lorena (40) -, a married – Daniela (40) -, a widow – Cecilia (41) – and a divorced – Conny (42). After the death of Cecilia’s husband, she and 3 other friends get together and prepare to take a trip to Pacasmayo, but the trip turns into a crazy odyssey that puts their friendship to the test. On the way to help her friend close her grief, they must learn to unite to face the challenges in their lives and they will try to give themselves a second chance to heal wounds, overcome fears, and accept themselves.

About Soltera, casada, viuda, divorciada Movie:

Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced is a Peruvian comedy road movie written and directed by Ani Alva Helfer. It stars Gianella Neyra, Katia Condos, Milene Vásquez and Patricia Portocarrero.

Filming began in mid-July 2022 in northern Peru.

Soltera, casada, viuda, divorciada was released in Peruvian theaters on April 20, 2023, by BF Distribution.