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Star Dancer

June 2, 2023
1hr 35min
Status: released

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Star Dancer Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino
Release dateJune 2, 2023
Running time1hr 35min
StarringDenise Esteban
PJ Rosario
Princess Zian
Directed by Pam Miras
Written byPam Miras
Produced byVincent Del Rosario III
Cinematography by Joy Aquino
Edited by Anna Isabelle Matutina
Music byTeresa Barrozo
Production CompanyViva Films
Distributor Vivamax

Star Dancer Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Denise Esteban as Odessa
  • PJ Rosario as Baron
  • Princess Zian as Baron’s Girl
  • Nerissa Torres Abelardo as Ballet School Directress
  • Thelma Bravo as Boarding House Landlady
  • Arah Alonzo as Doray
  • Erika Balagtas as Kits
  • Billy Villeta as Sonny
  • Niño Mendoza as Cheche
  • Arron Villaflor as Prince
  • Jayson Cometa as Marquez (as Jason Cometa)
  • Geleen Eugenio as Queenie
  • Karl Aquino as Ben
  • Rose Van Ginkel as Giselle
  • Sahil Khan as Customer
  • Nikkie Millares as Sexy Dancer
  • Eunice Andrea as Sexy Dancer


Denise Esteban versus Rose Van Ginkel – the hottest and sexiest showdown on the dance floor happens. Who will be hailed as the ”Star Dancer”? And who will win the heart of the man they both love?

About Star Dancer Movie:

Star Dancer is a Filipino drama film directed by Pam Miras. It star Denise Esteban, PJ Rosario, and Princess Zian.

It was released on June 2, 2023.