Stranger in the Woods Movie Poster

Stranger in the Woods

February 14, 2024
1hr 23min

Stranger in the Woods Movie Details:

Also known asLook at Me
Country United States
Language English
Release DateFebruary 14, 2024
Running Time1hr 23min
CastHolly Kenney
Brendin Brown
Paris Nicole
Radek Antczak
Directed by Adam Newacheck
Written byHolly Kenney
Produced byKyle Newacheck
Cinematography by Travis Prow
Edited by Adam Newacheck
Music byDanny Webber
Production CompanyRed Hound Films / Wonk

Stranger in the Woods Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Holly Kenney as Olivia
  • Brendin Brown as Sam
  • Paris Nicole as Theresa
  • Radek Antczak as Brandon
  • Teddy Spencer as Clayton
  • Devon Stewart


The film is about a woman who goes on a weekend getaway trip to the woods with her friends in hopes to recover from a traumatic event. But when her dog vanishes, their sanity unravels, leading to a chilling fight for survival.

About Stranger in the Woods Movie:

Stranger in the Woods is an American thriller film directed by Adam Newacheck and written by Holly Kenney. Produced by Kyle Newacheck, it stars Holly Kenney, Brendin Brown, Paris Nicole, Radek Antczak, and Teddy Spencer.

Stranger in the Woods was theatrically released on February 14, 2024.

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