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February 17, 2023
1h 52m
Status: released

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Tarri Movie Details:

Country India
Language Marathi
Release date17 February 2023
Running time1h 52m
StarringLalit Prabhakar
Gauri Nalwade
Shashank Shende
Directed by Mahesh Raosaheb Kale
Written byMahesh Raosaheb Kale
Produced byPratik Chavan
Akshay Patil
Cinematography by Amol Gole
Edited by Pravin Jahagirdar
Shriram Badave
Music byPraful Swapnil
Production CompanyOn Your Spot Productions
Phantasmagoria Films
Distributor Panorama Studios

Tarri Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Lalit Prabhakar
  • Gauri Nalawade
  • Shashank Shende
  • Yogesh Dimbale
  • Anil Nagarkar
  • Shashank Darne
  • Sneha Joshi
  • Rajesh Nanaware


The movie centers around a fiery and impetuous youth named Sangram, who goes by the nickname Tarri due to his unrelenting bravery and unwavering determination. Despite facing numerous obstacles and formidable foes in his path toward his goals, Tarri fearlessly confronts them head-on, exhibiting a steadfast resolve to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to.

About Tarri Movie:

Tarri is a Marathi action drama film, written and directed by Mahesh Raosaheb Kale. It is produced by On Your Spot Productions and Phantasmagoria Films, distributed by Panorama Studios. The film stars Lalit Prabhakar, Gauri Nalawade, and Shashank Shende.

Produced by On Your Spot Productions and Phantasmagoria Films.

The film was theatrically released on 17 February 2023.