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The Substitute

October 20, 2022
1hr 51min
Status: released

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The Substitute Movie Details:

Spanish titleEl suplente
Country Argentina
Language Spanish
Release date11 September 2022 (Toronto)
20 October 2022 (Argentina)
13 January 2023 (Spain)
Running time1hr 51min
StarringJuan Minujín
Bárbara Lennie
Alfredo Castro
Rita Cortese
María Merlino
Directed by Diego Lerman
Screenplay byDiego Lerman
María Meira
Luciana De Mello
Produced byDiego Lerman
Cinematography by Wojciech Staroń
Edited by Alejandro Brodersohn
Music byJosé Villalobos
Production CompanyCampo Cine
Vivo film
Pimienta Films
Arcadia Motion Pictures
Distributor Sovereign Film Distribution
A Contracorriente Films

The Substitute Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Juan Minujín as Lucio
  • Bárbara Lennie as Mariela
  • Alfredo Castro
  • María Merlino
  • Lucas Arrua as Dilan
  • Rita Cortese
  • Renata Lerman as Sol


The Substitute tells the story of Lucio (Juan Minujín), recently appointed as a substitute literature teacher at a high school in an underserved area of Buenos Aires. Lucio has to hit the ground running if he wants to find a way to connect with the minds – and the realities – of a cohort of students with far tougher things than homework to worry about.

Lucio also has big shoes to fill: those of his ailing father, known as “El Chileno” (Alfredo Castro), a well-loved community organiser who is about to open a soup kitchen, years in the making, but is constantly being threatened by a local gang as they seek total control of the area through drugs and corrupt politics. When one of his students lands in trouble with the local kingpin, Lucio has to step out from his teaching duties to protect both the teenager and the fragile bond he’s forging with his pupils.

About The Substitute Movie:

The Substitute (Spanish: El suplente) is an internationally co-produced drama film directed by Diego Lerman and starring Juan Minujín and Bárbara Lennie alongside Alfredo Castro, Rita Cortese, and María Merlino.

The film’s working title was El Maestro de Literatura.

It is a Latin-American and European co-production among companies from Argentina, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and France.

Filming began in late 2021. The film was shot in Isla Maciel (Dock Sud, Avellaneda).

The film was picked up in the ‘Special Presentations’ selection of the 47th Toronto International Film Festival, where it made its world premiere on September 11, 2022. It was also selected within 70th San Sebastián International Film Festival’s official selection line-up and had its NY premiere as the opening night film of the 22nd Havana Film Festival New York.

The Substitute was released in Argentina on October 20, 2022. The film was also released in Spain on January 13, 2023.