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The Three Musketeers: Milady

December 13, 2023
1hr 55min
Status: released

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The Three Musketeers: Milady Movie Details:

French titleLes Trois Mousquetaires: Milady
Based onThe Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
Country France
Language French
Release date18 November 2023 (Varilux French Cinema Festival, Rio de Janeiro)
13 December 2023 (France)
13 December 2023 (Belgium)
18 April 2024 (Germany)
26 January 2024 (Spain)
Running time1hr 55min
StarringFrançois Civil
Vincent Cassel
Pio Marmaï
Romain Duris
Eva Green
Directed by Martin Bourboulon
Written byMatthieu Delaporte
Alexandre de La Patellière
Produced byDimitri Rassam
Cinematography by Nicolas Bolduc
Edited by Stan Collet
Music byGuillaume Roussel
Production CompanyPathé
Chapter 2
M6 Films
Constantin Film
Distributor Pathé Distribution (France)
Alternative Films (Belgium)
Constantin Film (Germany)
DeAPlaneta (Spain)

The Three Musketeers: Milady Movie Cast & Characters:

  • François Civil as D’Artagnan
  • Vincent Cassel as Athos
  • Pio Marmaï as Porthos
  • Romain Duris as Aramis
  • Eva Green as Milady de Winter
  • Lyna Khoudri as Constance Bonacieux
  • Louis Garrel as King Louis XIII
  • Vicky Krieps as Anne of Austria
  • Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as Duke of Buckingham
  • Alexis Michalik as Villeneuve de Radis
  • Patrick Mille as Henri de Talleyrand-Périgord
  • Ivan Franek as Ardanza
  • Ralph Amoussou as Hannibal, inspired by Aniaba
  • Thibault Vinçon as Horace Saint Blancard, leader of the Huguenot rebellions
  • Camille Rutherford as Mathilde d’Herblay


D’Artagnan is forced to join forces with Milady to save Constance, who was kidnapped before his eyes. But as war is declared and Athos, Porthos, and Aramis have already joined the front, a secret from the past shatters old alliances.

The Three Musketeers: Milady Movie Budget & Box Office Collection:

Budget€36.1 million
(US$39.1 million)
Worldwide Collection$21.6 million

About The Three Musketeers: Milady Movie:

The Three Musketeers: Milady (French: Les Trois Mousquetaires: Milady, titled The Three Musketeers – Part II: Milady in the United States is an epic action-adventure film directed by Martin Bourboulon.

The film is based on Alexandre Dumas’ 1844 novel The Three Musketeers.

It is the second film of a two-part epic saga and was preceded by The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan. The screenplay for both films was written by Matthieu Delaporte and Alexandre De La Patellière.

The films were co-produced by France, Germany, Spain, and Belgium on a combined production budget of €72 million (US$78,2 million), with €36,1 million for Milady.

The two films were shot back to back for 150 days from 16 August 2021 to 3 June 2022 on location in France in landmarks such as the Louvre Palace, the Hôtel des Invalides, the Castles of Fontainebleau and Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Fort-la-Latte and Chantilly, as well as the citadel of Saint-Malo and the historic city center of Troyes.

The idea for the project started in 2019, when producer Dimitri Rassam spent the year looking for a subject that could spark a real event on the big screen and made a list of works that he wanted to produce, and one of them stood out: the 1844 novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas.

2000 costumes, 930 technicians, 650 horses, and 9,000 extras were used in the production.

Director Martin Bourboulon said that the inspirations for this new adaptation were The Duellists (1977), Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Cyrano de Bergerac (1990), La Reine Margot (1994), Gladiator (2000), and The Revenant (2015).

The Three Musketeers: Milady made its world premiere at the Varilux French Cinema Festival in Rio de Janeiro on 18 November 2023. The film was released theatrically in France by Pathé on 13 December 2023, and in Germany by Constantin Film on 14 December 2023.