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The Wandering Earth 2 (流浪地球2)

January 22, 2023
2hr 53min
Status: released

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The Wandering Earth 2 (流浪地球2) Movie Details:

Simplified Chinese 流浪地球2
Hanyu Pinyin Liú Làng Dì Qiú Èr
Jyutping Lau4 Long6 Dei6 Kau4
Based on“The Wandering Earth” by Liu Cixin
Country China
Language Mandarin
Release date22 January 2023
Running time2hr 53min
StarringWu Jing
Andy Lau
Li Xuejian
Directed by Frant Gwo
Screenplay byFrant Gwo
Gong Ge’er
Produced byLiu Cixin
Gong Ge’er
Cinematography by Michael Liu
Edited by Ye Ruchang
Yan Tingting
Music byRoc Chen
Production CompanyChina Film Group Corporation
Guo Fan Culture and Media
GIFilm Beijing Studio Co., Ltd.
Beijing Dengfeng International Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
CFC Pictures Limited
Distributor China Film Group Corporation

The Wandering Earth 2 (流浪地球2) Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Wu Jing is Liu Peiqiang, a UEG trainee astronaut who survives numerous crises involving the Moving Mountain Project and a major character from the first movie.
  • Andy Lau as Tu Hengyu, a computer scientist who worked on both the Digital Life Project and the Moving Mountain Project.
  • Li Xuejian as Zhou Zhezhi, the Chinese ambassador to the UEG.
  • Sha Yi is Zhang Peng, a senior UEG fighter pilot, and Liu’s mentor.
  • Ning Li as Ma Zhao, AI and quantum computing researcher and Tu’s colleague.
  • Wang Zhi as Han Duoduo, Liu Peiqiang’s fellow trainee and later wife. She eventually succumbs to cancer from radiation sickness.
  • Zhu Yanmanzi as Hao Xiaoxi, Zhou’s personal assistant and protégé.
  • Khalid Ghanem as tower commander, American commander
  • Andy Friend is Mike, the American ambassador to the UEG and a good friend of Zhou.
  • Vitalli Makarychev as Andre Graschnov, a senior UEG fighter pilot and Zhang’s close friend
  • Clara Lee, Tony Nicholson, and Vladimir Ershov as the three space elevator hijackers who tried to impersonate astronaut trainees.
  • Daniela Tassy, as the Brazilian astronaut.


Humans built huge engines on the surface of the earth to find a new home. But the road to the universe is perilous. In order to save earth, young people once again have to step forward to start a race against time for life and death.

The Wandering Earth 2 (流浪地球2) Movie Budget & Box Office Collection:

Worldwide Collection$604.5 million

About The Wandering Earth 2 (流浪地球2) Movie:

After The Wandering Earth was released to major commercial success in January 2019, director Frant Gwo announced at the Golden Rooster Awards on 20 November of the same year that a sequel was in the works, revealing that audiences were being conducted and sorted to guide the sequel’s guide structure which will focus more on characters’ emotions as well as improving visual effects. Gwo also stated that production may not begin for four years.

On 2 December 2020, Gwo announced at the 2020 Golden Rooster Awards that the shooting plan for the sequel has initiated and have set the release date for 22 January 2023, the first day of the Chinese New Year holidays.

A teaser poster that features the phrase “Goodbye Solar System” written in numerous different languages was also released.

On 18 June 2021, Andy Lau announced during a live broadcast celebration of the 33rd anniversary of his fan club, Andy World Club, that he will be starring in the film.

On 21 July 2021, it was reported the film has been approved by the National Radio and Television Administration and production is set to take place from October 2021 to March 2022 in Qingdao and Haikou. Wu Jing was confirmed to return to the prequel. Aside from directing duties, Guo also co-wrote the script with producer Gong Ge’er while the film will be financed by Guo’s company, Guo Fan Culture and Media and China Film Company.

Principal photography officially began on 13 October 2021 in Qingdao, where a production commencement ceremony was held. Aside from Andy Lau and Wu Jing, actor Zhang Fengyi was also present, confirming his participation.

On 19 August 2022, The Wandering Earth 2 officially released the first “a little white dot” version of the trailer.

The Wandering Earth 2 was theatrically released on 22 January 2023, the first day of the Chinese New Year holidays. It was also given a North American limited release by Well Go USA Entertainment in 125 screens, 30 IMAX, starting day-and-date 22 January. In the Philippines, the film was released by Warner Bros. Pictures on 31 May.

The film has grossed $604 million, making it one of the highest-grossing film of 2023.

The Wandering Earth 2 was a massive commercial success in China. The film earned close to US$70 million on its opening day on January 22 in China, followed by US$55 million on its second day. In total, it made US$187 million in its first three days, in just 8 days, the film had earned over US$378 million with US$31.3 million coming from IMAX shows.

The film earned US$56.4 million on its first weekend and passed the US$500 million mark on its sixteenth day. It held on the top spot for a second weekend after earning US$24.5 million.

The Wandering Earth 2 is dedicated to Ng Man-Tat, who died of liver cancer in 2021 after starring as Han Zi’ang in the first movie. Ng appears in a brief CGI-rendered cameo.