Trinil Kembalikan Tubuhku Movie Poster

Trinil: Kembalikan Tubuhku

January 4, 2024
1hr 41min

Trinil: Kembalikan Tubuhku Movie Details:

Also known as Trinil
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
GenreHorror, Thriller, Drama
Release datesJanuary 4, 2024 (Indonesia)
February 22, 2024 (Malaysia)
Running time1hr 41min
CastCarmela van der Kruk
Rangga Nattra
Fattah Amin
Wulan Guritno
Directed by Hanung Bramantyo
Written byHaqi Achmad
Hanung Bramantyo
Produced byProducer:
Hanung Bramantyo
Executive producer:
Aji Fauzi
Azlin Hilda
Benni Mulyono
Rangga Siswara
Cinematography by Satria Kurnianto
Edited by Haris F. Syah
Music byFajar Ahadi
Production companiesDapur Film
Seven Skies Motion
Double Tree Film
Rocket Studio Entertainment
Distributor TGV Pictures (Malaysia, theatrical)

Trinil: Kembalikan Tubuhku Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Carmela van der Kruk as Rara
  • Rangga Nattra as Sutan
  • Fattah Amin as Yusof
  • Wulan Guritno as Ayu
  • Shalom Razade as Young Ayu
  • Alexzander Wlan as Bagus Sujiwo
  • Willem Bevers as William
  • Elly D. Luthan as Nyai Rondoalas


Couple Rara and Sutan are ready to start a new life after their honeymoon. Rara inherited a large tea plantation in Central Java belonging to William Saunder, her father, a Dutch man who really loved Indonesia.

About Trinil: Kembalikan Tubuhku Movie:

Trinil: Kembalikan Tubuhku is an Indonesian horror thriller drama film directed by Hanung Bramantyo, who co-wrote it with Haqi Achmad. The film stars Carmela van der Kruk, Rangga Nattra, Fattah Amin, and Wulan Guritno.

The film was shot in Central Java, Indonesia.

Trinil: Kembalikan Tubuhku was released theatrically on January 4, 2024.

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