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Uprising Movie Details:

Hangul 전,란
Literal meaning War and Revolt
Revised Romanization Jeonran
Country South Korea
Language Korean
GenrePeriod, Action, Thriller
Release date2024 (expected)
Running timeTBA
CastGang Dong-won
Park Jeong-min
Cha Seung-won
Kim Shin-rok
Jin Seon-kyu
Jung Sung-il
Directed by Kim Sang-man
Written byPark Chan-wook
Shin Cheol
Production CompaniesMoho Film
Semicolon Studio
Distributor Netflix

Uprising Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Gang Dong-won as Cheon Yeong, a man with the best swordsmanship skills.
  • Park Jeong-min as Jong-ryeo, the son of Joseon’s highest military official and King Seonjo’s closest military officer.
  • Cha Seung-won as King Seonjo, the king of Joseon.
  • Kim Shin-rok as Bumdong, a member of the civilian militia.
  • Jin Seon-kyu as Kim Ja-ryeong, a civilian militia leader.
  • Jung Sung-il as Genshin, the cruel vanguard of the Japanese army.
  • Kim Hyun


In the Joseon Dynasty, two friends who grew up together one the master and one the servant reunite post-war as enemies on opposing sides.

About Uprising Movie:

Uprising (Korean: 전,란) is an upcoming South Korean period action thriller film starring Gang Dong-won, Park Jeong-min, Cha Seung-won, Kim Shin-rok, Jin Seon-kyu, and Jung Sung-il. It was directed by Kim Sang-man, and written by Shin Cheol and Park Chan-wook.

In June 2023, director Park Chan-wook as the writer revealed that the script had been written for a long time, but it was written and completed in earnest in 2019. Because Park was busy filming the HBO series The Sympathizer, Kim Sang-man directed the film instead.

Uprising is scheduled to be released on Netflix in the fourth quarter of 2024.