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    Vedha Movie (2022) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

    Vedha Movie (2022):

    Vedha is a Kannada action drama film written and directed by Harsha, and produced by Geeta Shivarajkumar under the banner Geeta Pictures in association with Zee Studios.

    The film stars Shiva Rajkumar and Ghanavi Laxman in the lead roles and Umashree, Aditi Sagar, Shwetha Chengappa, and Kuri Prathap are in supporting roles. Vedha was released on 23 December 2022, coinciding with Christmas, and it received positive reviews from critics.

    Vedha Movie Information:

    Movie NameVedha
    Country India
    Language Kannada
    Release Date23 December 2022
    Running Time2hr 36min
    StarringShiva Rajkumar
    Ghanavi Laxman
    Shwetha Chengappa
    Aditi Sagar
    Directed by Harsha
    Written byHarsha
    Produced byGeeta Shiva Rajkumar
    Cinematography by Swamy J. Gowda
    Edited by Deepu S. Kumar
    Music byArjun Janya
    Production CompanyZee Studio
    Geeta Pictures
    Distributed byN/A
    Box Office CollectionRs 35 crore

    Vedha Movie Trailer:

    Vedha Movie Storyline (Plot/Synopsis):

    In Mysore, a woman named Neela is harassed by a man in a bus; commuting to her workplace. Neela arrives home and tells about this to her grandmother Raama, a retired Inspector. Raama advises her to read a book titled Vedha, which revolves around a hooligan-turned vigilante named Vedha.

    In 1980s, Vedha meets his daughter Kanaka, who is released from prison, and the duo set on a killing spree. They wander from one village and kill three persons: Inspector Rudra, Giri, Nanjappa. Vedha also rescues two women from being sold as bonded labourers and punishes those people responsible. Ramaa took charge as the Inspector, and along with constable Govindappa, begins to investigates the incidents and deduces that Vedha and Kanaka are responsible. From a lawyer named Girija, Ramaa learns about Vedha’s past.

    Past: Vedha leads a happy life with his best friend Sakri in Shirli. He gets married to Pushpa in a peculiar situation, and they bear a daughter Kanaka. Later, Vedha is sent again to prison for three days for a theft committed by Beera. One night in a drunken state, Giri, Beera, Kalaiyan and Nanjappa brutally assault Kanaka. Enraged by this, Pushpa attacks them only to get killed by them. Rudra also helps them to destroy the evidence, and gets Kanaka sent to juvenile detention centre. After learning this, Vedha kills the witness Chowdappa for false testimony; attacks Rudra (who survives later) and absconds from the village, waiting for Kanaka to get released from prison and exact vengeance.

    Present: Vedha and Kanaka arrive to kill Kalaiyan, who later commits suicide out of guilt. They also arrive at Beera’s house and decapitates Beera’s wife, and later kills Beera. Ramaa arrives, along with a sex worker named Paari and Vedha’s friend Daya. Paari reveals that Daya is also involved in Kanaka’s assault, and he was the one who informed his location to Beera. Paari also had tried to kill Daya many times, but the latter always managed to escape. Vedha gets enraged and kills Daya, thus avenging the injustice committed against Pushpa and Kanaka. Later, Vedha and Kanaka immerse Pushpa’s ashes into the river, and continues their vigilante activities.

    In present-day Mysore, Neela finally gains newfound courage after listening to Vedha’s story. While heading to her workplace, Neela gets harrassed again by the same man in the bus, only for her to stab his penis with a ball pen. -Wikipedia

    Vedha Movie Cast and Characters:

    • Shiva Rajkumar as Vedha
    • Bharath Sagar as Rudra
    • Ganavi Laxman as Pushpa, Vedha’s wife
    • Shwetha Chengappa as Paari, a sex worker
    • Umashree as Shakri, Vedha’s best friend
    • Aditi Sagar as Kanaka, Vedha’s daughter
    • Veena Ponnappa as Inspector Ramaa
    • Raghu Shivamogga as Daya, Vedha’s friend
    • Lasya Nagaraj
    • Jaggapa as Chinayya
    • Cheluvaraj as Beera
    • Prasanna as Nanjappa
    • Vinay Bidappa as Giri
    • Sanjeev
    • Kuri Prathap as a bus conductor

    Vedha Movie Soundtrack:

    The music of the film is composed by Arjun Janya. All lyrics are written by V. Nagendra Prasad.

    • Gillakko Shiva – Mangli
    • Pushpa Pushpa – Karunaada Chakravarthy, Shiva Rajkumar
    • Junjappa – Mohan Kumar N
    • Chinnumari – Keerthan Holla

    Interesting Facts About Vedha Movie:

    • Vedha film marks Shiva Rajkumar’s 125th film.

    Where To Watch Vedha Movie Online (Vedha Movie OTT Release Date):


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