Vina: Sebelum 7 Hari Movie Poster

Vina: Sebelum 7 Hari

May 8, 2024
1hr 40min
Status: released

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Vina: Sebelum 7 Hari Movie Details:

Also known asVina: Before 7 Days
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
GenreDrama, Horror
Release dateMay 8, 2024 (Indonesia)
Running time1hr 40min
StarringDelia Husein
Yusuf Mahardika
Lydia Kandou
Nayla D. Purnama
Gisellma Firmansyah
Pritt Timothy
Directed by Anggy Umbara
Written byDirmawan Hatta
Bounty Umbara
Produced byDheeraj Kalwani
Cinematography by Dicky R. Maland
Edited by Gita Miaji
Music byAl
Casting ByPilip Tenonet
Filming locationsCirebon, Indonesia
Production CompanyDee Company
PT Umbara Brothers Film
Distributor Antenna Entertainment

Vina: Sebelum 7 Hari Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Delia Husein as Marlyna
  • Yusuf Mahardika as Zaki
  • Lydia Kandou as Nenek Vina
  • Nayla D. Purnama as Vina
  • Gisellma Firmansyah as Linda
  • Pritt Timothy as Kakek Vina
  • Fahad Haydra as Egy
  • Septian Dwi Cahyo as Bapak Vina
  • Imran Ismail as Dani
  • Ridwan Kainan as Hadi
  • Khadijah Aruma as Nurul
  • Ozan Arkananta as Deden
  • Niniek Arum as Hesti
  • Cinta Dewi as Ibu Linda
  • Eduward Manalu as AKBP Indra
  • Firman Ferdiansyah as Eka Sandi
  • Arya Panji as Suprianto
  • Risma Nilawati as Ibu Egy
  • Rio Maland as Bapak Egy


The body of the late Vina, which was found on the Cirebon flyover, is thought to have been in a single motorbike accident. Vina’s grandmother was suspicious because Vina’s body was unnaturally crushed but did not have enough evidence to reject the report. Vina possesses the body of her best friend Linda. She only has 7 days after her death to reveal the painful truth. Al Fatihah.

About Vina: Sebelum 7 Hari Movie:

Vina: Sebelum 7 Hari is an Indonesian horror drama film directed by Anggy Umbara and written by Dirmawan Hatta and Bounty Umbara. It stars Delia Husein, Yusuf Mahardika, Lydia Kandou, Nayla D. Purnama, Gisellma Firmansyah, and Pritt Timothy.

The film was theatrically released on May 8, 2024.