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Virgo and the Sparklings

March 2, 2023
1hr 47min

Virgo and the Sparklings Movie Details:

Movie NameVirgo and the Sparklings
Based onVirgo and the Sparklings by Ellie Goh and Annisa Nisfihani
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy
Release DateMarch 2, 2023
Running Time1hr 47min
Age ratingPG
CastAdhisty Zara
Bryan Domani
Mawar Eva
Directed by Ody C. Harahap
Written byRafki Hidayat
Is Yuniarto
Johanna Wattimena
Produced byJoko Anwar
Bismarka Kurniawan
Wicky V. Olindo
Cinematography by Muhammad Firdaus
Edited by Aline Jusria
Casting byRahadiyan Ardyputra
Production CompanyBumilangit Studios
Adhya Group
DMMX Media
SK Global
Screenplay Bumilangit
Screenplay Films
Legacy Pictures
Distributor Screenplay Films

Virgo and the Sparklings Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Adhisty Zara as Riani / Virgo
  • Bryan Domani as Leo
  • Mawar Eva de Jongh as Carmine
  • Ashira Zamita as Monica
  • Satine Zanita as Ussy
  • Rebecca Klopper as Sasmi
  • Mentari Novel as Hannah
  • Rachel Florencia as Yasmin
  • Indah Kusuma as Ranty
  • Vania Valencia as Diva
  • Maudy Effrosina as Tania
  • Putri Ziani as Desi
  • Oubrey Aulia as Ayu
  • Irgi Fahrezi as Riani’s Father
  • Widi Mulia as Sasmi’s Mother
  • Yama Carlos as Monica’s Father
  • Gilbert Pattiruhu as Ussy’s Father
  • Daffa as Juna
  • Aida Nurmala as Riani’s Mother
  • Shalfa Putri Rayhan as Boyfriend
  • Lukman Sardi as Ridwan Bahri


Riani (Adhisty Zara), a not-so-normal teenager, deals with “normal” everyday teenage life: love and competition with her friends and band mates, Ussy and Monica. She also learns to control her power of fire and synesthesia (able to see color and sound). In the midst of his crisis as a teenager, it turns out that there is a very big danger for humans. With the help of her band mates, Virgo and The Sparklings, Riani tries to stop the chaos-spreading action.

About Virgo and the Sparklings Movie:

  • It is based on one of the most popular Line Webtoon comics of the same name by Annisa Nisfihani and Ellie Goh.
  • Virgo and the Sparklings was released in Indonesia on March 2, 2023, by Screenplay Films.

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