Walang KaParis Movie (2023) Cast, Release Date, Story, Vivamax, Poster, Trailer, Review

Walang KaParis

March 23, 2023
1hr 38min
Status: released

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Amazon Prime Video

Walang KaParis Movie Details:

Movie NameWalang KaParis
Also known asNothing Like Paris
Country Philippines
Language Filipino, Tagalog
GenreDrama, Romance
Release DateMarch 23, 2023 (Amazon Prime Video)
Running Time1hr 38min
CastAlessandra De Rossi
Empoy Marquez
Dolly De Leon
Directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo
Written bySigrid Andrea Bernardo
Produced byE Del Mundo
Vincent Del Rosario III
Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus
Vic Del Rosario Jr. (executive producer)
Joyce Bernal (executive producer)
Cinematography by Boy Yniguez
Edited by Marya Ignacio
Music byLen Calvo
Production CompanyViva Films
Spring Films
Distributor Amazon Prime Video

Walang KaParis Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Alessandra De Rossi as Mary / Marie
  • Empoy Marquez as Joseph / Jojo
  • Dolly De Leon as Tita Fely
  • Ran Da Silva Labnas as Japanese Talent
  • Clarence Inso as Japanese Talent
  • Martin Melecio as Japanese Talent
  • Arnold Valle as Japanese Talent (as Arnold Guild Valle)
  • Jean-Marc Noirot-Cosson as Vincent
  • Monique Grand-Perret as Mamou (as Monique Grand Perret)
  • Georges D’Audignon as Louis
  • Eltee as Jenny
  • Uno as Renan
  • Warlyn Pabello as Filipina Store Crew
  • Charry Castinlag as Melba


Jojo, a Filipino artist in Paris, has had many lovers, but not one of them could fill the chasm in his life occupied by the mysterious muse of his paintings. His heart is held captive by this woman with no name, no history. Like a compass, he looks for her in every girl he meets, hoping she’d be “the one”. One day, a woman named Marie walks up to him and claims to be the subject in his paintings.

About Walang KaParis Movie:

  • Walang KaParis is the second Filipino Amazon original film.
  • This is the second film for both the main cast after I See You (2017).
  • Walang KaParis premiered on 23 March 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.