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When This Is All Over

August 4, 2023
1hr 30min
Status: released

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When This Is All Over Movie Details:

Movie NameWhen This Is All Over
Country Philippines
Language Filipino
Release DateAugust 4, 2023
Running Time1hr 30min
CastJuan Karlos Labajo
Directed by Kevin Mayuga
Screenplay byAbbey Mayuga-de Guia
Benedict O. Mendoza
Produced byJan Pineda
Cinematography by Martika Ramirez-Escobar
Edited by Maria Estela Paiso
Music byJorge Juan B.
Production CompanyANIMA Studios
This Side Up
RSVP Film Studios
Distributor Cinemalaya Foundation
Box Office Collection

When This Is All Over Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Juan Karlos Labajo
  • Jorrybell Agoto
  • Ana Abad Santos
  • Chaye Mogg
  • Nour Hooshmand
  • Jico Umali
  • Aaron Maniego
  • Renee Dominique
  • Lottie Bie
  • Zara Loayan


Disconnected and desperate, The Guy wants to flee the country and reunite with his mother in the US to ease his loneliness. But with the global pandemic at its peak and confusing community quarantine protocols in place, he finds himself trapped in his condo against his will. One day, he finds a group of well-connected, privileged misfit condo residents who are itching to throw an illegal party with their friends as a form of release. When The Guy finds out that they have connections to the US Embassy, he offers to help them plan the event in exchange for his way out of this country. As The Guy figures out how to throw their illegal gathering, he meets the kind-hearted condominium staff Rosemarie who makes him feel seen and at home. With Rosemarie holding the key to the success of the party, The Guy takes a big risk with his new unlikely friendship.

About When This Is All Over Movie:

  • When This Is All Over is a Philippine Independent coming-of-age drama film directed by Kevin Mayuga and written by Abbey Mayuga-de Guia and Benedict O. Mendoza. It stars Juan Karlos Labajo, Jorrybell Agoto, Ana Abad Santos.
  • When This Is All Over was released on August 4, 2023.