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You Hurt My Feelings

May 26, 2023
1hr 33min
Status: released

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You Hurt My Feelings Movie Details:

Movie NameYou Hurt My Feelings
Country United States
Language English
Release DateJanuary 22, 2023 (Sundance)
May 26, 2023 (United States)
Running Time1hr 33min
Age ratingR
CastJulia Louis-Dreyfus
Tobias Menzies
Michaela Watkins
Arian Moayed
Owen Teague
Jeannie Berlin
Directed by Nicole Holofcener
Written byNicole Holofcener
Produced byAnthony Bregman
Stefanie Azpiazu
Nicole Holofcener
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Cinematography by Jeffrey Waldron
Edited by Alisa Lepselter
Music byMichael Andrews
Production CompanyFilmNation Entertainment
Likely Story
Distributor A24
Box Office Collection$5.7 million

You Hurt My Feelings Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Beth
  • Tobias Menzies as Don
  • Michaela Watkins as Sarah
  • Arian Moayed as Mark
  • Owen Teague as Eliot
  • Jeannie Berlin as Georgia
  • Amber Tamblyn as Carolyn
  • David Cross as Jonathan
  • Zach Cherry as Jim
  • Sarah Steele as Frankie
  • LaTanya Richardson Jackson as Sylvia
  • Sunita Mani as Dr. Allen
  • Deniz Akdeniz as Vince
  • Clara Wong as Ali

You Hurt My Feelings Movie Storyline:

Beth struggles with a lack of self-confidence and her marriage with unsuccessful therapist Don is affected by a betrayal. Before this, they had a peaceful but co-dependent relationship, which makes their only child uncomfortable. Beth’s sister helps her cope with the pain, possibly because of her own struggles with husband Mark, who is a struggling actor.

About You Hurt My Feelings Movie:

  • In October 2021, it was announced Julia Louis-Dreyfus would star in and produce the film. The film’s working title was “Beth & Don.”
  • Principal photography began in May 2022, in New York City.
  • Cinematographer Jeffrey Waldron said, “I worked to build a natural, inviting New York look that didn’t distract from the unfolding story, but brought cinematic punctuation to its important human moments”.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Jeannie Berlin play daughter and mother in the film; in real life, the actors are 11 years apart in age.
  • Amber Tamblyn and David Cross are married in real life; this is the first film in which they both appear.
  • The film premiered on January 22, 2023, at the Sundance Film Festival. You Hurt My Feelings was released theatrically on May 26, 2023. The film received general acclaim from cinema critics.
  • In the United States and Canada, You Hurt My Feelings was released alongside The Little Mermaid, Kandahar, The Machine, and About My Father, and was projected to gross around $1 million from 912 theaters over its four-day Memorial Day opening weekend. The film grossed $474,000 on its first day, and debuted to $1.4 million over the 3-day weekend (and $1.8 million over the four-day frame).
  • In a 2023 interview with Filmmaker magazine, Nicole Holofcener spoke about the personal thoughts and feelings that inspired the film: “A lifetime of wondering if people are lying to me inspired the idea. And when they don’t lie, can I cope with that? I guess my experience of being vulnerable to other people’s opinions about me and my work, and the fact that my work is so autobiographical. My movies feel like they’re me. I really feel like they are so close to my personality and values and the things I think and worry about. And the characters-at least one usually-are so clearly based on me. And if they don’t get it, can they get me? Can I also live with the possibility that they don’t get it, or like it, and still love me? But yeah, sometimes I can cope with it well, and sometimes I can’t. I still want approval, of course. Don’t we all?”