Zarrar Movie (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer, Budget, Collection


November 25, 2022
2hr 28min
Status: released

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Zarrar Movie Details:

Movie NameZarrar
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu, English
GenreAction, Spy, Thriller
Release Date25 November 2022
Running Time2hr 28min
CastShaan Shahid
Kiran Malik
Nadeem Baig
Nayyar Ejaz
Shafqat Cheema
Rasheed Naz
Directed by Shaan Shahid
Written byShaan Shahid
Produced byEjaz Shahid
Adnan Butt
Cinematography by Timothy Hallam Wood
Edited by Majid Cheema
Music byYasir Jaswal
Thomas Farnon
Production CompanyJehan Films
Pinewood Studios
Distributor ARY Films
BudgetRs. 20 crore (estimated)
Box Office CollectionRs. 7.5 crore (US$260,000)

Zarrar Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Shaan Shahid as Zarrar: A former secret agent gone rouge.
  • Kiran Malik as Kiran: A journalist and love interest of Zarrar.
  • Nadeem Baig as Major General Mustajab of the ISI, the mentor of the protagonist.
  • Shafqat Cheema as Ravinder Kaushik
  • Rasheed Naz as Fahimullah Khan
  • Nayyar Ejaz as Salman Shah as the main antagonist.


A secret agent named, Zarrar (Shahid) has gone rogue after his homeland, Pakistan has been plunged with corruption when he finds out that a secret international operation has plans to dismantle the Pakistani government and subsequently gain control of its Nuclear Weapons Programme. Aiming to end the seemingly endless cycle of threats, he gets help from a close friend, Colonel Mustajab (Baig). With time running out, Zarrar must act fast in terminating the greatest threat Pakistan has come up against since its inception.

About Zarrar Movie:

  • Development of the project started in 2016 when behind the scene shots of the film were shared by Shaan himself.
  • Zarrar is considered to be Pakistan’s second spy thriller action film after the release of 2014’s O21.
  • UK based Director of Photography (DOP) Tim Wood was hired for the project.
  • Shaan had chosen Pinewood Studios UK, for the post production of the film after which he did with his earlier film, Arth – The Destination which was a remake of the original Arth.
  • It was released on 25 November 2022. It was originally set for release sometime in 2020 but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The film was then moved to release on September 23, 2022, but was moved from that date due to the 2022 Pakistan Floods. After multiple delays, the film was then moved to its current release date in November.