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9 Hours (Season 1)

June 2, 2022
Season: 1
Episodes: 9
Status: released

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9 Hours Web Series Details:

Based onTommidi Gantalu by Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy
GenreCrime, Drama, Thriller
Country India
Language Telugu
Dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi
Release date2 June 2022
Age rating16+
StarringTaraka Ratna
Madhu Shalini
Ravi Varma
Ravi Prakash
Created byKrish Jagarlamudi
Directed by Niranjan Kaushik
Jacob Verghese
Written byKrish Jagarlamudi
Produced byY. Rajeev Reddy
Saibabu Jagarlamudi
Executive producerRohith Pisapati
Cinematography by Manojh Reddy
Edited by Dharmendra Kakarala
Music byShakthi Kanth Karthick
Production companyFirst Frame Entertainments
Distributor Disney+ Hotstar

9 Hours Web Series Cast & Character:

  • Taraka Ratna as CI Prathap
  • Ajay as Dasarath Ramayya
  • Madhu Shalini as Chitralekha; wife of Prathap
  • Ravi Varma as Nagendra
  • Pandu as Young Nagendra
  • Ravi Prakash as Shivaji
  • Ankith Koyya as Nandakumar “Nandu”
  • Vinod Kumar Alva as Jailor Viswanath
  • Sritej as Poorna
  • Sameer as Chandrasekhar
  • Preethi Asrani as Sravani
  • Banerjee as ACP Krishnamachari
  • Parvathi Nirban as Girija
  • Chitram Seenu as Koti
  • Gemini Suresh as Chidambaram
  • Vajja Venkata Giridhar
  • Achyuth Kumar as prisoner
  • Suresh Kumar as P. Indrasena Rao; manager of Deccan Imperial Bank
  • Jwala Koti as Ambaji Rao
  • Naga Mahesh as Munuswamy Naidu
  • Siddharth Gollapudi as Dr. Paul
  • Venkata Giridhar as Purushottam
  • Monika Reddy as Suguna
  • Roopa Hegde as Meherunnisa


The story is set up in 1985, where three prisoners escape from the central jail after their morning roll call and get divided into three different teams and rob three banks. Two teams finish the heist successfully, but one team gets stuck inside the bank, which is surrounded by police forces. They have to get out of the bank and go back to the prison within the next 9 hours when the next roll call takes place. What happens in these 9 hours to everyone that’s involved is the rest of the story. Every episode depicts every passing hour of their life.

About 9 Hours Web Series:

9 Hours is a Telugu survival crime thriller streaming television series created by Krish Jagarlamudi, directed by Niranjan Kaushik and has an ensemble cast of Taraka Ratna, Madhu Shalini, Ajay, Ravi Varma and Ravi Prakash.

This series basic plot line was adopted from the famous Telugu Crime Novel “Thommidi Ghantalu,” written by Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy and made some changes to make a sequel. 9 Hours was premiered on Disney+ Hotstar on 2 June 2022.

9 Hours (Season 1) Episodes

9 Hours S1, Episode 1: Hour 1

Three Prisoners escape from the Hyderabad Central jail, form three teams and attack three banks to loot them. Two teams execute the heist successfully and one team gets stuck inside the bank and the police forces surround the bank.

9 Hours S1, Episode 2: Hour 2

Chitra gets a call from her associate and she learns about the bank robberies and comes to the location and ends up in a heated argument with Prathap. Meanwhile, Nagendra plans on molesting one of the hostages Sravani and makes the move.

9 Hours S1, Episode 3: Hour 3

The robbers receive a call about Chandrashekar's presence in the bank and both the parties make a deal for breaking Chandrashekar's legs for ransom. Simultaneously the hostages come up with a plan on attacking the robbers.

9 Hours S1, Episode 4: Hour 4

The dead body of one of the hostages is thrown out of the bank, this creates a rage among the police forces and CI Pratap decides on entering the bank along with the special officer Ravindra and they barge in with ammunition.

9 Hours S1, Episode 5: Hour 5

Wounded Poorna and Chandrashekar get treated and Chidambaram gets caught. Prathap finally finds a lead in the investigation and Nagendra discovers that there's another hostage in the bank that has been hiding all the way.

9 Hours S1, Episode 6: Hour 6

Chandrashekar reveals that he has a walkie-talkie, Nandakumar with the help of Sravani work on repairing it to get in touch with the police forces. Meanwhile, Purushottam makes a secret deal with the robbers.

9 Hours S1, Episode 7: Hour 7

All the prisons in the state get a phone call requesting to conduct an impromptu roll call to find out if any of their prisoners are missing. This panics Vishwanath and he informs Dasarath to make sure that the roll call shouldn't happen.

9 Hours S1, Episode 8: Hour 8

The robbers finally exit the bank and get into the vehicle that has been arranged for them. Fire breaks out in the prison and it creates chaos, Few prisoners are found missing in the prison.

9 Hours S1, Episode 9: Hour 9

The robbers get surrounded by cops in the market area and they come up with a new plan to escape from there. Meanwhile, a new/unknown chapter of Dasarath's life comes into the limelight.