Happy Family Conditions Apply Web Series (2023) Cast, Release Date, Episodes, Story, OTT, Poster, Trailer

Happy Family: Conditions Apply (Season 1)

March 10, 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 10
Status: released

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Where to Watch Happy Family: Conditions Apply (Season 1) Online (Stream)

Amazon Prime Video

Happy Family: Conditions Apply Web Series Details:

Country India
Language Hindi
Release date10 March 2023 – March 31, 2023
Running time30min
Age rating16+
StarringRatna Pathak Shah
Raj Babbar
Atul Kulkarni
Ayesha Jhulka
Created byAatish Kapadia
Jamnadas Majethia
Directed by Jamnadas Majethia
Aatish Kapadia
Written byAatish Kapadia
Produced byJamnadas Majethia
Aatish Kapadia
Cinematography by Sanket Shah
Edited by Aajay A. Kumar
Music byHiral Viradia
Sony Music India
Production CompanyHatsoff Production
Distributor Amazon Prime Video

Happy Family: Conditions Apply Web Series Cast & Character:

  • Ratna Pathak Shah as Hemlata Mansukhlal Dholakia (Hemu/Hemudi)
  • Raj Babbar as Mansukhlal Dholakia (Pappaji)
  • Atul Kulkarni as Ramesh Dholakia
  • Ayesha Jhulka as Pallavi Dholakia (Pallu)
  • Raunaq Kamdar as Sanjuoy Dholakia (Sanjay/Sanju)
  • Meenal Sahu as Tisca Singh Dholakia
  • Sanah Kapur as Ayushi Dholakia
  • Atul Kumar as Suresh Dholakia
  • Paresh Ganatra as Dr. Jatin Kumar
  • Pranoti Pradhan as Dr. Falguni Kumar “Falu” (nee Dholakia)
  • Karamjeet Madonna as News Reader
  • Margaret Wanjiku Kariuki as Kwamboka Dholakia
  • Vinayak Ketkar as Manager of the Hotel
  • Deepak Pareek as Dr. Popat
  • Pratish Vora as Inspector Mendoncca
  • Swati Das as Kanakavalli
  • Neha Jhulka as Diana Cabinetmaker
  • Waqar Khan as Gregory
  • Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal as Sheela Maasi
  • Jatin Suri as Superstar Shalom Khan


Revolving around the lives of four generations of the Dholakias, Happy Family shows how most families are dysfunctional, and are a blend of traditional and modern values. The Dholakias are known for their high-spirited personalities and inimitable idiosyncrasies. These quirks land them in situations that are hilarious and quirky.

About Happy Family: Conditions Apply Web Series:

Happy Family: Conditions Apply is a Hindi comedy family web series for Amazon Prime Video. The series is directed and produced by Jamnadas Majethia and Aatish Kapadia. It stars Ratna Pathak Shah, Raj Babbar, Atul Kulkarni and Ayesha Jhulka.

The trailer was launched on 3 March 2023.

Happy Family: Conditions Apply premiered on March 10, 2023.

During the first screening of the series just before its release of it on 9 March 2023, several actors including Pankaj Kapur, Supriya Pathak, Aanjjan Srivastav, Sarita Joshi, Hussain Kuwajerwala and others were present in the screening in Mumbai, who have praised the series as a leading family comedy series that everyone should watch.

Happy Family: Conditions Apply (Season 1) Episodes

Happy Family: Conditions Apply S1, Episode 1 - Truth, Dare, And Dhamaal

The picture-perfect Dholakia Family are four generations living under one roof. In a light hearted family game of Truth or Dare, it is revealed that Sanjuoy and Tisca are planning to move out. Ramesh is utterly shattered by this news. Hemlata’s meddling causes a rift between the otherwise close mother-in-law and daughter in law.

Happy Family: Conditions Apply S1, Episode 2 - Who Stole My Happiness?

Hemlata is up in arms about her younger son Suresh marrying a Kenyan American woman. As tensions rise between Tisca and Pallavi, Mansukh intervenes and sorts out their differences. Late at night as Hemlata watches TV, she notices that Tisca’s design has been copied by a famous fashion designer. She also discovers that the jewellery gifted by her mother-in-law too has been stolen.

Happy Family: Conditions Apply S1, Episode 3 - Catch Me If You Can

Ramesh meets Sanju’s business partner Diana. Meanwhile, the police visit the Dholakia family home, investigating the jewellery theft. Hemlata’s post on social media against the famous fashion designer brings a storm in Tisca’s life, so much so that she breaks down and reveals her secret.

Happy Family: Conditions Apply S1, Episode 4 - Papa Do Preach, Don't Sing

When Tisca reveals that Napoleon has offered her a job, Ramesh gets upset that his children are taking decisions independently. Mansukh suggests a family trip to repair their family’s bonds. Sanju convinces Ramesh to surprise Pallavi for their anniversary. In Matheran, instead of ironing out their differences, they erupt into arguments and Aryan disappears.

Happy Family: Conditions Apply S1, Episode 5 - To Go Or Not To Go

Sanju comes around and the whole family supports Tisca moving to Delhi for work. With Tisca gone, Pallavi has to take on a lot more household responsibilities. Meanwhile, Suresh and Kwamboka plan a visit to India, much to the chagrin of Hemlata. But when she meets Kwamboka in person, she completely changes her tune!

Happy Family: Conditions Apply S1, Episode 6 - Number 1 Bahu

Hemlata continues to be charmed by Kwamboka. Hemlata’s behaviour gets under Pallavi’s skin. Tisca announces that she is returning to Mumbai for good. As the family celebrates Karwachauth, Ayushi announces that she doesn’t intend to marry, leaving Ramesh disconcerted.

Happy Family: Conditions Apply S1, Episode 7 - A Reception, And A Deception

Jatin and Falu want to introduce Ayushi to a potential match. Ayushi’s encounter with the boy is disastrous, but Ramesh stands up for his daughter. As the family decide to surprise Sanju with Tisca’s news, Sanju has a surprise of his own.

Happy Family: Conditions Apply S1, Episode 8 - Trading Places

Tisca is adviced bedrest, and the family decides to pitch in and help. Hemlata’s nosiness irritates the customers at the shop and Ramesh’s aesthetic sense messes with the interior design of Sanju and Tisca’s new flat. Mansukh suspects Sanju of infidelity and finally uncovers the truth.

Happy Family: Conditions Apply S1, Episode 9 - Happy Family, Conditions Apply

Pallavi has a health scare. The possibility of losing Pallavi gives Ramesh a new perspective. While Tisca and Sanju decide not to move out, Ramesh now thinks that it is time they move on. The family plan a baby shower for Tisca.

Happy Family: Conditions Apply S1, Episode 10 - The Last Supper

As the celebrations turn into a nightmare, the Dholakias are trapped in an impossible situation. Facing certain death, it is time to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets to each other.