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Himalaya Roadies (Season 6)

Season: 6
Status: upcoming

Where to Watch Himalaya Roadies (Season 6) Online (Stream)

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Himalaya Roadies (Season 6) Reality Show Details:

Based onMTV Roadies
Country Nepal
Language Nepali
GenreReality Show
Release date2024
Running time90min
StarringAnoop Bikram Shahi
Saman Shrestha
Deeya Maskey
Ashish Rana (Laurey)
Priyanka Karki
Presented bySuraj Singh Thakuri
Directed by Semosh Sunwar
Produced bySimosh Sunwar
Distributor Himalaya TV

About Himalaya Roadies (Season 6):

Himalaya Roadies (Season 6) is an upcoming Nepalese reality show, broadcast by the Nepalese network Himalaya TV and airs every week for an hour. It is a franchise of the MTV Roadies series. The participants receive difficult tasks to complete to become a roadie. Only people of 18 and over are allowed to participate in the show.

The current season (Season 6), with the theme “WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE”, follows the existing format of MTV Roadies, with special power and responsibility and there will be four gang leaders. 

Himalaya Roadies Format:

Himalaya Roadies is a reality show based on the popular Indian TV show MTV Roadies. The series is focused on young adults of Nepal seeking adventure. Contestants are given seemingly impossible tasks to push them to their limits. They travel to scenic locations all over Nepal, and the last one to survive is crowned a Himalaya Roadie.

Himalaya Roadies (Season 6) Digital Audition:

The digital audition for Himalaya Roadies (Season 6) – Welcome To The Jungle is currently underway. As of January 17, 2024, the official page of Himalaya Roadies announced the commencement of digital auditions. Interested participants can submit their auditions through the Himalaya TV App or via WhatsApp.

Himalaya Roadies (Season 6) Contestants:

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