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Knight Flower

January 12, 2024
70 min
Season: 1
Episodes: 12
Status: released

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Knight Flower TV Series Details:

Hangul밤에 피는 꽃
Hanja夜에 피는 花
Literal meaningFlower That Blooms at Night
Revised RomanizationBam-e pineun kkot
McCune–ReischauerPame p’inŭn kkot
Based onFlower That Blooms at Night by Ttol-i, Jeongro, Yuna, Beth, Lee Sam, and Jeong Myung-in
Country South Korea
Language Korean
GenrePeriod, Romance, Action, Comedy, drama
Release dateJanuary 12 – February 17, 2024
Aired onFriday, Saturday
Running time70 min
Age Rating16+
StarringLee Hanee
Lee Jong-won
Kim Sang-joong
Lee Ki-woo
Directed by Jang Tae-yoo
Choi Jung-in
Lee Chang-woo
Creative director Pyo Hee-seon
Written byLee Sam
Jeong Myung-in
Developed byNamkoong Seong-wu (planning)
Produced byKim Jeong-mi
Lee Wol-yeon
Yang So-young
Yoon Hong-mi
Cinematography by Kim Sung-han
Jo Min-chul
Jung Soon-dong
Hwang Jin-dong
Edited by Choi Min-young
Music byJeon Chang-yeop
Production CompaniesBase Story
Film Grida
Saram Entertainment
Distributor MBC TV

Knight Flower TV Series Cast & Character:

  • Lee Hanee as Jo Yeo-hwa: a widow for fifteen years who is living a double life.
  • Moon Seung-yu as young Jo Yeo-hwa.
  • Lee Jong-won as Park Soo-ho: a military officer.
  • Kim Sang-joong as Seok Ji-sung: Yeo-hwa’s father-in-law.
  • Lee Ki-woo as Park Yoon-hak: Soo-ho’s older brother.
  • Yeo-hwa’s people:
    • Park Se-hyun as Yeon-sun: Yeo-hwa’s friend.
    • Yoon Sa-bong as Jang So-woon: current owner of the 200-year-old Hwayeonsangdan.
    • Lee Woo-je as Hwal-yu: So-woon’s secretary and right-hand man.
    • Jung Ye-na as Kkot-nim: a child who has been going to a nobleman’s house to receive sewing supplies.
  • Yeo-hwa’s in-laws:
    • Kim Mi-kyung as Yoo Geum-ok: Yeo-hwa’s mother-in-law.
    • Oh Eui-shik as Seok Jeong: Yeo-hwa’s husband and Ji-sung’s son.
    • Jung So-ri as Seok Jae-i: Ji-sung’s youngest daughter and Yeo-hwa’s sister-in-law.
    • Nam Mi-jung as Bong Mal-daek: Ji-sung’s family’s long-time servant.
    • People around Soo-ho:
    • Jung Yong-joo as Bi-chan: self-proclaimed right-hand man of Soo-ho.
    • Kim Kwang-kyu as Hwang Chi-dal: a second-rank military officer and Soo-ho’s superior.
    • Oh Ye-joo as Hwang Yi-kyung: Chi-dal’s youngest daughter.
  • People around Ji-sung:
    • Heo Jung-do as Yi So: the king of Joseon.
    • Seo Yi-sook as Oh Nan-kyung: Heung-jib’s wife.
    • Jo Jae-yoon as Kang Pil-jik: a person who is involved in all kinds of corruption.
    • Woo Kang-min as Man-sik: Pil-jik’s subordinate.
  • Others:
    • Kim Hyung-mook as Yeom Heung-jib: the minister of taxation
    • Park Sung-woo as Jo Seong-hu: Yeo-hwa’s older brother.


The series revolves around Jo Yeo-hwa (Lee Hanee), a widow who is the daughter-in-law of the most prestigious noble family in Joseon. She lives the quiet reclusive life of a noble widow at home during the day, but sneaks out of their house at night to help people in need.

About Knight Flower TV Series:

Knight Flower (Korean: 밤에 피는 꽃) is a South Korean period romantic action comedy-drama television series directed by Jang Tae-yoo, Choi Jung-in, and Lee Chang-woo and starring Lee Hanee, Lee Jong-won, Kim Sang-joong, and Lee Ki-woo.

The series is based on a webtoon of the same Korean title, which was launched through KakaoPage on August 14, 2023.

Knight Flowe aired on MBC TV from January 12, to February 17, 2024, every Friday and Saturday at 21:50 (KST). It is also available for streaming on Wavve and Coupang Play in South Korea, on Kocowa in the Americas, and on Viki in selected regions.

The series received audience acclaim, with its final episode recording 18.4% in nationwide ratings and achieved a new record of being number one of any Friday–Saturday dramas in MBC history.

Knight Flower TV Series Episodes List:

Source: Audience measurement performed nationwide by Nielsen Korea.

EpisodesOriginal broadcast dateNationwideSeoul
1January 12, 20247.9% (4th)7.7% (4th)
2January 13, 20248.2% (3rd)7.9% (3rd)
3January 19, 202410.8% (2nd)11.0% (1st)
4January 20, 20247.9% (2nd)7.2% (2nd)
5January 26, 202411.4% (2nd)12.0% (1st)
6January 27, 202412.5% (2nd)12.5% (2nd)
7February 2, 202413.1% (1st)12.7% (1st)
8February 3, 202412.6% (2nd)12.1% (2nd)
9February 9, 202411.0% (1st)10.3% (1st)
10February 10, 202412.9% (2nd)12.1% (2nd)
11February 16, 202415.4% (1st)14.7% (1st)
12February 17, 202418.4% (2nd)18.1% (1st)