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Rafta Rafta (Season 1)

January 25, 2023
18-50 min
Season: 1
Episodes: 7
Status: released

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Amazon MiniTV

Rafta Rafta (Season 1) Web Series Details:

Country India
Language Hindi
GenreRomance Comedy
Release dateJanuary 25, 2023
Running time18-50 min
StarringBhuvan Bam
Srishti Rindani
Directed by Vishal Shankar Gupta
Written byAbbas Dalal
Hussain Dalal
Chris George
Husain Hardawala
Produced byBhuvan Bam
Rohit Raj
Cinematography by Bijitesh De
Casting ByNavrattan Mehta
Production Design byNadiri Khan
Tariq Umar Khan
Production CompanyBb Ki Vines
Distributor Amazon miniTV

Rafta Rafta (Season 1) Web Series Cast & Character:

  • Bhuvan Bam as Karan
  • Srishti Rindani as Nithya
  • Enab Khizra as Laxmi
  • Rakesh Bedi as Mr. Sharma
  • Jaineeraj Rajpurohit as Atul Mama
  • Kamini Khanna as Mrs. Sharma
  • Hanish Kaushal as Vidyaasagar
  • Jatin Sharma as Security Guard
  • Priyansh Nandwani as Employee
  • Atul Srivastava as Mangal Chacha
  • Tushar Rungta as Delivery Guy
  • Vijayant Kohli as Gautam Malhotra
  • Meena Nathani as Shani Chachi
  • Tarosh Rao as Pandey
  • Ritika Arora as Tanya
  • Vijay Kumar Dogra as Inspector Khan
  • Madhu Sachdeva as Shalini Malhotra
  • Shorba Bhattacharya as Prakash Nair


A modern young couple finds themselves slowly learning about each other as they learn more about themselves.

About Rafta Rafta (Season 1) Web Series:

Rafta Rafta is a Hindi comedy romance series directed by Vishal Gupta and written by Abbas Dalal and Hussain Dalal. Produced by Rohit Raj & Bhuvan Bam under the banner of Bb Ki Vines.

It stars Bhuvan Bam, Srishti Ganguli, Rakesh Bedi, Atul Srivastava, Rita Arora, Jaineeraj Rajpurohit, and Shorba Bhattacharya. Rafta Rafta premiered on January 25, 2023, Amazon miniTV.Rafta Rafta premiered on January 25, 2023, via Amazon miniTV.

Rafta Rafta (Season 1) Episodes

Rafta Rafta S1, Episode 1: Shagun

25 January, 2023
Unlike romantic newlyweds, Karan and Nithya are the awkwardly newly married couple who just shifted into their new house. They get a warm welcome from their neighbor's Mr. and Mrs. Sharma which is too warm for their liking. Things get chaotic when the Sharma's leave their 7yr old grandson, for a day with them. The kid makes our couples life hell but ignites a bond between the two.

Rafta Rafta S1, Episode 2: One Two Cha Cha

25 January, 2023
Karan's offbeat Chachaji, shows up at their house unannounced shocking them with the news that he will staying with them for a good few weeks. While Karan is happy to chill with his Chachaji, Nithya soon realises what a brat chachaji is and cannot keep up with his tantrums. Fed up with their annoying plans and constant interference, she pulls out the biggest arrow from her quiver, chachaji.

Rafta Rafta S1, Episode 3: Elon Mouse

25 January, 2023
Nithya is mad at Karan over a sandwich and get into a fight, but the couple realise they have another unexpected guest - a mouse. They try every trick to remove the mouse but fail to do so. They accept their defeat only to realize that they cannot hear a mouse any more. Suddenly, Mr. Sharma comes asking for mouse trap as the rodent is creating havoc at home. Karan and Nithya laugh their lungs out.

Rafta Rafta S1, Episode 4: Made in India

25 January, 2023
Karan's driver Pandey, a married man, elopes with Nithya's maid Laxmi, who is also married. The police comes knocking at Karan and Nithya's door after their respective families lodge a official complaint. Evidence comically traces back to Karan who is now accused of a crime he did not commit. The help finally realise their mistake and comeback to save Karan from their eccentric families.

Rafta Rafta S1, Episode 5: Rakshas Ki Hawas

25 January, 2023
The couple called for a movie night. Lingering between genres and end up watching a horror movie. Things take a spooky turn when just like the movie, their life becomes frightful too. They witness an eerie presence at home, having only 7 minutes until they face their fear. Ultimately, we reach a humorous end when the couple realises that this ghost is someone they were already expecting.

Rafta Rafta S1, Episode 6: Ex Ki Shaadi

25 January, 2023
Karan and Nithya bonding over board games only to end up in an argument that takes them back to the days of their dating life. In flashback we see how they got introduced and fell for each other, this being the perfect start to an epic love story. All hell breaks loose when they're caught red handed kissing on camera in their boss/uncle's cabin. What seemed like the beginning ends up being the end.

Rafta Rafta S1, Episode 7: Pyaar Dosti Hai

25 January, 2023
A flashback shows up the forced marriage of Karan and Nithiya. Back to present day, a quarrel later Nithiya met the manager of an art gallery who surprises her and offers to showcase her art. Karan has an eye-opening conversation with his Ironwala and rushes home to see his lady love. They confess their love for each other. The newlyweds enjoys their first actual date together. First of many to come.