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Rap Sh!t (Season 1)

July 21, 2022
31–32 minutes
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Status: released

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Rap Sh!t (Season 1) TV Series Details:

Also Known AsRap Shit
Country United States
Language English
No. of Episodes8
Release DateJuly 21, 2022 – September 1, 2022
Running Time31–32 minutes
StarringAida Osman
Jonica Booth
Devon Terrell
RJ Cyler
Created byIssa Rae
Directed by Sadé Clacken Joseph
Lawrence Lamont
Amy Aniobi
Kevin Bray
Jay Ellis
Christian Nolan Jones
Written byElize Diop
Kid Fury
Aida Osman
Issa Rae
Chad Sanders
Chris Sanford
Syreeta Singleton
Nina Gloster
Rosa Handelman
Fran Richter
Produced byAlex Motlagh
Fran Richter
Lou Fusaro
Sarah Potts
Executive producersIssa Rae
Syreeta Singleton
Montrel McKay
Deniese Davis
Dave Becky
Jonathan Barry
Cinematography by Lucas Gath
Christine Ng
Edited by Josie Azzam
Lynarion Hubbard
Music byDevonté Hynes
Production CompanyHoorae
District 8 Productions
3 Arts Entertainment
Distributor Warner Bros. Discovery Global Streaming & Interactive Entertainment
Original network HBO Max

Rap Sh!t (Season 1) TV Series Cast & Character:

  • Aida Osman as Shawna Clark, a struggling rapper who works at a hotel
  • KaMillion as Mia Knight, a single mother and rapper working multiple jobs to support herself and her 4-year-old daughter, Melissa
  • Jonica Booth as Chastity, a party promoter who goes by “The Duke of Miami” or simply “Duke.” She also manages a group of sex workers.
  • Devon Terrell as Cliff Lewis, Shawna’s long-distance boyfriend who is a law student in New York
  • RJ Cyler as Lamont, an aspiring producer with a sharp ear for talent and the father of Mia’s daughter
  • Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Fatima, Cliff’s law classmate and close friend
  • Daniel Augustin as Maurice, Shawna’s friend and co-worker
  • Amandla Jahava as Jill, Shawna’s college friend and employee at Spotify
  • Jaboukie Young-White as Francois Boom, Shawna’s former schoolmate and producer
  • Brittney Jefferson as Alesia, Mia’s friend from high school
  • DomiNque Perry as Nelly, a single mom and high school friend of Mia’s
  • Guapdad 4000, Timbaland, Brent Faiyaz, Tobe Nwigwe, Benjamin Crump, and Maliibu Miitch appear as themselves.


The show follows Mia Knight and Shawna Clark, two estranged high school friends from Miami who come back together to form a rap group and try to find success in the music industry.

About Rap Sh!t (Season 1) TV Series:

Rap Sh!t (pronounced “Rap Shit”) is an American musical comedy streaming television series created by Issa Rae for HBO Max. The show is produced by Hoorae Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment.

It stars Aida Osman, KaMillion, Jonica Booth, Devon Terrell, and RJ Cyler. The series was released on July 21, 2022. It was renewed for a second season in September 2022.

Rap Sh!t (Season 1) TV Series Episodes:

Rap Sh!t S1, Ep1: Something for the City

When Mia Knight (KaMillion) suddenly needs someone to watch her daughter, she reaches out to Shawna (Aida Osman), a friend she hasn’t talked to since high school. Shawna, a hotel clerk, agrees to babysit while Mia goes to work as a make-up artist for a bridal party. Shawna is frustrated with her day job and the lack of attention she gets when she posts her conscious rap videos as The Vision. She’s also nervous about the relationship between her long-distance boyfriend Cliff (Devon Terrell) and a classmate of his. Mia goes to her next job as a cam-girl on OnlyFans and later confronts Lamont (RJ Cyler), her daughter’s father, for failing to provide financially. Shawna invites Mia to go out for drinks. Once together, they decide to form a rap group. They record a video of Shawna freestyling a song with the hook “seduce and scheme.” The video goes viral overnight.

Rap Sh!t S1, Ep2: Something for the Girls

At her third job, Mia sees Lamont showing off a new watch on his Instagram. Shawna asks her friend Jill (Amandla Jahava) if she can share the “Seduce and Scheme” video with producers at Spotify. Shawna and Mia get together to record more music, but Mia is frustrated that Shawna only wants to rap about social issues. Shawna argues that making music about sex and partying is playing into patriarchy and Mia contends that women shouldn’t limit what they rap about to avoid criticism. Cliff’s roommates see the “Seduce and Scheme” video and recognize Mia from her OnlyFans profile. Cliff tells Shawna she should stay away from Mia and denies that his friend Fatima (Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut) has a crush on him. Lamont surprises Mia by sending her several thousand dollars. Mia and Shawna successfully record a full-length version of “Seduce and Scheme.” Shawna and Cliff reconcile.

Rap Sh!t S1, Ep3: Something for the Hood

Chastity (Jonica Booth) is short on cash after some of her sex workers are robbed and she isn’t paid for party promoting for Guapdad 4000. Lamont’s car is repossessed while he’s watching Melissa, so he makes moves to get cash. He sells some jewelry and attempts to get back pay from some artists whose music he produced, to no avail. Mia pays Lamont to produce “Seduce and Scheme,” taking the track to a new level. Maurice (Daniel Augustin) uses one of the credit cards Shawna stole from a hotel guest to buy high-end merchandise that will be resold. Chastity asks Mia if she can manage the group.

Rap Sh!t S1, Ep4: Something for the Clubs

Mia video chats with her father, a prison inmate and rapper named E-Block, about her burgeoning rap career. Chastity takes Shawna, Mia, Nelly, and Alesia to a party to meet a well-connected music producer, Sam Sneak. However, they get stuck in the heat waiting in line and he’s left by the time they get in. Chastity next takes them to a nightclub where Sam happens to be, but gets sidetracked to pursue the robber from the last episode. At the nightclub Sam is not interested in entertaining Chastity’s pitch for a demo. She lies to the DJ to get her to play “Seduce and Scheme,” and Mia and Shawna are excited to hear their song. Shawna tells Mia she’s going to New York to visit Cliff and they decide to travel together.

Rap Sh!t S1, Ep5: Something for the Weekend

Spotify executives take a liking to “Seduce and Scheme,” surprising Jill at her corporate meeting. Shawna and Mia are recognized from bystanders as they arrive in New York and Shawna surprises Cliff at his apartment. Mia meets up with one of her long-term OnlyFans clients, but ends the night early. The following morning she is evicted from the high-end hotel where she was staying. At a morning brunch with Cliff’s friends, Cliff is surprised to hear that Shawna didn’t tell Mia she was planning to move to New York. Shawna and Mia are invited to a special Spotify party and Jill introduces them to corporate management. Mia gets in a scuffle with another woman, causing friction between her and Shawna. Cliff feels slighted and leaves the party. At his apartment he livestreams an argument with Shawna and disparages “Seduce and Scheme.” Mia and Shawna console each other as they await their flight.

Rap Sh!t S1, Ep6: Something for the Gram

Mia takes the day off work after reading negative social media responses about her fight at the Spotify party. Shawna refuses to reach out to Cliff and skips work to go to the beach with Maurice and other friends. Cliff texts her angrily after she posts videos of the outing on Instagram. Shawna and Maurice sneak into a swanky penthouse at the hotel and have sex. Mia is feeling depressed and is surprised that Lamont offers her solace. Shawna calls Mia to apologize for not supporting her sooner after the Spotify fight. She also threatens a reaction video vlogger on IG Live for criticizing Mia. Chastity tells Mia she can secure a high-profile gig for the rap group.

Rap Sh!t S1, Ep7: Something for the DJ

Maurice buys several laptops to resell using credit card numbers stolen by Shawna. Lamont invites Mia out on a date but Shawna suggests that he’s only interested because of her budding fame. Francois invites Shawna for drinks and asks her to collaborate with his new white female artist, Reina Reign. Shawna leaves in anger. At their first major gig, a party thrown by James Harden, Chastity’s connect Brian is embarrassed by her fangirl behavior. Deja, one of her sex workers, gets angry when she finds out none of the girls will be paid for working the party. Mia and Shawna’s performance begins strong but is derailed when Shawna delivers an impromptu freestyle. Mia is angry at Shawna and ends up sleeping with Lamont. Maurice is MIA the day of the party.

Rap Sh!t S1, Ep8: Something for the Road

Mia ignores Shawna’s attempts to reconcile. She goes out with Alesia and Nelly and they run into Cash, who spilled his drink on her at the James Harden party. The group shares a meal at a diner and Cash gives Mia several thousand dollars in an attempt to woo her. Maurice tells Shawna that he was arrested. Shawna deletes the digital trail of all communications related to the credit card scam. She tells Cliff she misses him and later meets Francois and asks him to work together. Chastity arranges a meeting with Mia and Shawna and tells them she can either manage them or hurt the group’s prospects. Shawna apologizes to Mia and promises she’ll check her ego. Mia tells Lamont that she isn’t interested in dating him. Francois sets up the duo to be the opening act on Reina Reign’s tour. The police come to the hotel to arrest Shawna.