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Tere Bin (Season 2)

Season: 2
Status: upcoming

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Tere Bin (Season 2) TV Series Details:

Country Pakistan
Language Urdu
Release date2024
Running time40min
StarringWahaj Ali
Yumna Zaidi
Directed by Siraj-ul-Haque
Written byNooran Makhdoom
Produced byAbdullah Kadwani
Asad Qureshi
Production Company7th Sky Entertainment
Distributor Geo TV

Tere Bin (Season 2) TV Series Cast & Character:

  • Wahaj Ali as Murtasim Shahnawaz Khan
  • Yumna Zaidi as Meerab Murtasim Khan
  • Bushra Ansari as Salma Begum
  • Sabeena Farooq as Haya
  • Sohail Sameer as Anwar Khan
  • Farhan Ally Agha as Waqas Ahmad
  • Fazila Qazi as Anila Ahmad
  • Hira Soomro as Mariam Naurez Khan


Life takes an unexpected turn for Meerab and Murtasim,as they are bound to face each other. As they fight the battles of ego,hate and self respect with each other, will they understand their true feelings for each other ?

About Tere Bin (Season 2) TV Series:

Tere Bin (Season 2) is an upcoming romantic Pakistani drama television series produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under the banner 7th Sky Entertainment. Directed by Siraj-ul-Haque and stars Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi in main roles.

The first season was released on 28 December 2022 and it aired every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm until 6th July 2023.

In July 2023, after the last episode aired, Kadwani confirmed on his Instagram and Twitter handle that the series was renewed for a second season. The producers have announced officially that the much-awaited announcement regarding Tere Bin Season 2 will be on 29 December 2023