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The Continental: From the World of John Wick

September 22, 2023
79–86 minutes
Season: 1
Episodes: 3
Status: released

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The Continental: From the World of John Wick TV Series Details:

Also known asThe Continental
Based onJohn Wick by Derek Kolstad
Country United States
Language English
GenreAction thriller
Crime drama
Release dateSeptember 22 – October 6, 2023
Running time79–97 minutes
Age ratingTV-MA
StarringMel Gibson
Colin Woodell
Mishel Prada
Ben Robson
Hubert Point-Du Jour
Nhung Kate
Jessica Allain
Ayomide Adegun
Jeremy Bobb
Peter Greene
Developed byGreg Coolidge
Kirk Ward
Shawn Simmons
Directed by Albert Hughes
Charlotte Brändström
Written byGreg Coolidge
Kirk Ward
Shawn Simmons
Ken Kristensen
Produced byIain Smith
Mark Taylor
Production location
Executive producersRhett Reese
Paul Wernick
Chad Stahelski
David Leitch
Derek Kolstad
Basil Iwanyk
Erica Lee
Shawn Simmons
Marshall Persinger
Albert Hughes
Greg Coolidge
Kirk Ward
Cinematography by Pål Ulvik Rokseth
Peter Deming
Edited by Ron Rosen
Steven Lang
Music byOpening theme
“Hard Times” by Baby Huey & the Babysitters
Production CompanyLast Man Standing Films
Cool-ish Productions
Reese Wernick Productions
King of Brockton Inc
Thunder Road Pictures
Lionsgate Television
Distributor Peacock

The Continental: From the World of John Wick TV Series Cast & Character:

  • Mel Gibson as Cormac O’Connor, who runs the Continental of New York during the 1970s.
  • Colin Woodell as Winston Scott, a Scottish-American businessman who has been living in London for decades; Ian McShane portrays an older version of the character in the main John Wick films.
    • Fflyn Edwards as Young Winston
  • Mishel Prada as KD (“Kady”) Silva, a detective sergeant new to New York City, who is searching for the Scott brothers.
  • Ben Robson as Francis Patrick “Frankie” Scott, Jr., an assassin who is Winston’s older brother, Yen’s husband, and a Vietnam War vet.
    • Ben Robinson as Young Frankie
  • Hubert Point-Du Jour as Miles Burton, a gunrunner, who is also Vietnam War veteran, and son of deceased High Table assassin Hieronymus Burton.
  • Nhung Kate as Yen Scott, Frankie’s wife and a former assassin and failed suicide bomber.
  • Jessica Allain as Lou Burton, an amateur karate practitioner with a dislike for guns, Miles’ younger sister and Hieronymus’ daughter, who is unaware of his assassin past
  • Ayomide Adegun as Charon O’Connor, Cormac’s surrogate son, who seeks for Cormac to bring over his biological father from Nigeria; Lance Reddick portrayed an older version of the character in the main John Wick films.
  • Jeremy Bobb as Mayhew, KD’s partner, with whom she is having an affair.
  • Peter Greene as Uncle Charlie, a long time family friend of the Scott family; David Patrick Kelly portrayed an older version of the character in the first two John Wick films.
  • Adam Shapiro as Lemmy, an associate of Miles
  • Katie McGrath as the Adjudicator, a judge of the High Table easily identified by her porcelain mask.
  • Mark Musashi and Marina Mazepa as “The Twins” a.k.a. Hansel and Gretel, assassins with a room at the Continental.
  • Kirk Ward as The Henchman, the Adjudicator’s bodyguard
  • Ray McKinnon as Gene Jenkins, an assassin associate of Lou’s, whose eyesight is failing.
  • Zainab Jah as Mazie, who took charge of and was proclaimed queen of the Bowery by the High Table
  • Dan Li as the Orphan Master, a local crime boss who comes to blows with Lou over her father’s legacy.
  • Chris Ryman as Ronnie, one of Uncle Charlie’s men.
  • Samuel Blenkin as Thomas Caine, O’Connor’s cellist


The Continental: From the World of John Wick tells the background story of how Winston Scott, in an alternate history 1970s, came to his position as proprietor of the New York branch of “The Continental” chain of hotels, safe havens for legal assassins on the grounds of which no business may ever take place. It explores variations on real-world events, including the Winter of Discontent and the American Mafia’s rise to economic power.

About The Continental: From the World of John Wick TV Series:

The Continental: From the World of John Wick (The Continental ) is an American neo noir crime-action drama television miniseries developed by Greg Coolidge, Kirk Ward and Shawn Simmons that serves as a spin-off and a prequel in the John Wick franchise. Coolidge and Ward served as showrunners for the series and wrote the scripts alongside Simmons and Ken Kristensen. Albert Hughes directed the first and third episodes, and Charlotte Brändström directed the second. The show stars Mel Gibson and Colin Woodell.

While planning the story for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum in January 2017, Derek Kolstad and Chad Stahelski were also conceiving ideas for a prequel story, suggesting that a prequel would be best told in the form of a television series. In June 2017, the series was confirmed to be in full development, and the story would be called The Continental, focusing on the hotel that acts as a safe haven for assassins in the John Wick universe.

Lionsgate gave the project an official green-light in January 2018 and planned for the series to air on its Starz network. Initial reports indicated Chris Collins would serve as showrunner.

Principal photography began in November 2021 in Budapest, Hungary.

In April 2023, the series working title of The Continental was finalized as The Continental: From the World of John Wick.

On August 15, 2022, Starz sold the series to Peacock. In March 2023, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group chair Joe Drake stated that the series was expected to be released in late 2023, also saying that the episodes were “nearly finished”. In July 2023, it was announced that the series would premiere on September 22, 2023, on Peacock in the United States, and on Prime Video internationally.

The Continental: From the World of John Wick Episodes

The Continental: From the World of John Wick S1. Episode 1 ∙ Brothers In Arms - Night 1

September 22, 2023
1970s New York City. After being separated for 20 years, brothers Winston and Frankie Scott are about to be violently reunited. Frankie's just stolen a priceless object from Cormac Fitzpatrick, the Continental Hotel's present hotel manager and a ruthless mobster from the brothers' past. To retaliate, the brutal crime boss sends henchmen to London to bring Winston back home to locate Frankie. The Scott brothers, along with Frankie's fierce wife Yen, use their street-smart skills and dark underworld contacts to try and outrun Cormac's army of assassins. But just before all three are caught, Frankie must make the ultimate sacrifice.

The Continental: From the World of John Wick S1. Episode 2 ∙ Loyalty to the Master - Night 2

September 29, 2023
With a cache of modified weapons, a team of shadow mercenaries and a top hitman in place, Winston finalizes his mission. Tension escalates as higher-ups order Cormac to find the object Frankie stole. Meanwhile, detective KD starts zeroing in on who she suspects had a hand in killing her family, which also leads her to the Continental Hotel.

The Continental: From the World of John Wick S1. Episode 3 ∙ Theater of Pain - Night 3

October 6, 2023
In the final action-packed night, Winston's all-out revenge plan is revealed as he looks to take over the NYC crime operation with plans to transform the Continental from outdated safe house into the upscale destination of John Wick fame.