Paul Shah and Pooja Sharma Begin Filming for Rawayan

Paul Shah and Pooja Sharma Begin Filming for Rawayan

The highly anticipated movie ‘Rawayan‘, shooting started in the second week of Baisakh, directed by Sudarshan Thapa. The makes announces on social media with the caption “The auspicious Murhat of the movie “Ravayan” completed today.”

The production team with the necessary actors and technicians for the film was announced on social media. In a unique move, the production team took to social media to announce the cast and crew of the movie with a warm ‘Welcome on Board’. This inclusive gesture by Sudarshan Thapa stands out in an industry where such announcements typically focus on lead actors, highlighting the director’s appreciation for the entire team’s contribution.

The star-studded cast of ‘Ravayan’ includes renowned names such as Paul Shah, Pooja Sharma, Priyanka Karki, Pramod Agrahari, Nikita Chandak, Prakash Shah, Kailash Rawal, Arjunjung Shahi, Sharmila Malla, Pradeep Dhakal, among others. The movie boasts a talented crew with Shivam Adhikari handling the writing, Saurabh Lama behind the camera for cinematography, Vikram Swar and Ramji Lamichhane choreographing, and Mr. Shrestha overseeing the action sequences.

Noteworthy is the joint production effort of Sudarshan Thapa and Pooja Sharma under the banners of Sudarshan Thapa Production and Pooja Sharma Production, promising a collaborative and creative endeavor in the making of ‘Ravayan’. With such a stellar lineup of talent both in front of and behind the camera, expectations are high for this upcoming cinematic venture that aims to captivate audiences upon its release.


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