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The Rookie: Feds

September 27, 2022
Season: 1
Episodes: 22
Status: released

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The Rookie: Feds TV Series Details:

Country United States
Language English
GenrePolice procedural
Crime drama
Release dateSeptember 27, 2022 – May 2, 2023
Running time42min
StarringNiecy Nash-Betts
Frankie Faison
James Lesure
Britt Robertson
Felix Solis
Kevin Zegers
Created byAlexi Hawley
Terence Paul Winter
Directed by Michael Goi
Robert Bella
Cheryl Dunye
Lanre Olabisi
Tessa Blake
Tori Garrett
Cherie Nowlan
P.J. Pesce
Bill Roe
Eric Dean Seaton
Patrick Cady
Jon Huertas
Jean E. Lee
Hernán Otaño
Oz Scott
Rob Seidenglanz
Written byAlexi Hawley
Terence Paul Winter
Stephanie Hicks
Nick Hurwitz
Amanda Mercedes
Wendy Calhoun
Nancy Kiu
Stacy A. Littlejohn
Corey Miller
Jessica Flowers
Scott Kolp
Kate Sargeant
Executive producersAlexi Hawley
Terence Paul Winter
Niecy Nash
Nathan Fillion
Michelle Chapman
Bill Norcross
Corey Miller
Mark Gordon
Bibby Dunn
Cinematography by Gordon Lonsdale
Allan Westbrook
Nancy Schreiber
Michael G. Wojciechowski
Edited by Craig Dewey
Eileen de Klerk
Adrienne McNally
Leon Martin
Music byJordan Gagne
Production locationLos Angeles, California
Production CompanyABC Signature
Entertainment One
Perfectman Pictures
Distributor ABC

The Rookie: Feds TV Series Cast & Character:

  • Niecy Nash-Betts as Simone Clark
  • Frankie Faison as Christopher “Cutty” Clark
  • James Lesure as Carter Hope
  • Britt Robertson as Laura Stensen
  • Felix Solis as Matthew “Matt” Garza
  • Kevin Zegers as Brendon Acres (birth name Brendon Butkus)
  • Michelle Nuñez as Elena Flores
  • Devika Bhise as Antoinette Benneteau
  • Courtney Ford as Tracy Chiles
  • Jessica Betts as DJ
  • Thomas Dekker as Eli Reynolds (alias Jeffrey Boyle)
  • Eric Roberts as Josh Reynolds, Eli’s father
  • Oceanne Iradukunda as Simone Clark’s fellow inmate during an operation when she went undercover at a prison
  • Deniz Akdeniz as Mark Atlas
  • Tom Arnold as Miles Butkus
  • David Ramsey as Greg Wright
  • Dia Nash as Billie, Simone’s daughter
  • Mateo Pollock as Max, Simone’s son
  • Wallace Langham as Alan Brady
  • Teddy Sears as George Rice
  • Donna Mills as Layla Laughlin
  • Carlos Leal as Tobias Kazan
  • Nathan Fillion as John Nolan
  • Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez
  • Brent Huff as Quigley Smitty, a veteran
  • Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen
  • Eric Winter as Tim Bradford
  • Richard T. Jones as Wade Grey
  • Shawn Ashmore as Wesley Evers


Special Agent Simone Clark, the oldest rookie in the FBI Academy, is assigned to support the LA field office.

About The Rookie: Feds TV Series:

The Rookie: Feds is an American police procedural crime drama television series and spin-off of The Rookie. Created by Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter for ABC, the series follows Simone Clark, the oldest rookie in the FBI Academy. Niecy Nash-Betts, Felix Solis, Frankie Faison, Britt Robertson, Kevin Zegers, and James Lesure were cast in starring roles.

On February 8, 2022, it was announced that ABC was in the process of developing a spin-off of The Rookie centered around the FBI. It was also reported that the series would be introduced through a two-episode backdoor pilot in the parent series.

On May 13, 2022, it was ordered to series under the title The Rookie: Feds.

It aired from September 27, 2022, to May 2, 2023. In November 2023, the series was canceled after one season.

The Rookie: Feds Episodes

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 1: Day One

September 27, 2022
Simone begins her first official day in the Los Angeles FBI, accompanied by her friend Brendon Acres, a former actor, the two now FBI Special Agents or Probies. Brendon is invited to join Garza's new unit, but Simone is initially relegated to the profiling department as Garza's team investigate a man beaten to death during an apparent break-in. Simone is able to get involved in the case when her LAPD contacts alert her to a suspect under arrest linked to a participant in the break-in, which leads to the realisation that the thieves intend to break into the federal reserve. Simone's advice leads to the team's first case being a success, but Garza's supervisor Tracey Childes is still trying to get the unit shut down, to the point of attempting to blackmail Simone's training agent Carter Hope to give her incriminating data on Garza.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 2: Face Of

October 4, 2022
Simone and Brendon try to pass their first test as agents by getting their first informant. Brendon's attempt to use the bellhop at his hotel lead to him angering a senator, but Simone's recent arrest of a drug dealer leads to them finding an arms dealer on the Most Wanted list who has paid two people to undergo plastic surgery to use as decoys. The team are able to track down the original dealer (who had given himself a new appearance with plastic surgery) and successfully arrest him. Brendon manages to get a new informant when he realises that a film producer he met with during a script read is using his studio to launder dirty money, offering to keep the producer out of prison if he serves as an informant.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 3: Star Crossed

October 11, 2022
Simone and Brandon's first attempt at a surveillance op involves planting cameras in a restaurant where two gangs are about to meet, but the effort is interrupted when their elderly supervising officer dies in his sleep. While they are able to get incriminating evidence on tape, the situation becomes complicated when they return to retrieve the cameras and realise that the families' two children are involved in a relationship before they witness the children being abducted. The subsequent investigation reveals that Aliz Kazan, daughter of meth distributer Tobias Kazan, staged the relationship and the kidnapping to get money of her own, but the deception is exposed and Aliz is sent to prison. Meanwhile, Laura faces her own complex feelings when her old best friend reveals that she is now engaged to Laura's ex-fiancé, while Simone pursues a secret relationship with the daughter of her father's latest partner.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 4: To Die For

October 18, 2022
Sociopathic serial killer Rosalind Dyer's death while taken back into LAPD custody sends the FBI team hunting her killer. He's a presumed Dyer accomplice who devises booby-trapped, watery death tanks to kill his victims---including the one from which LAFD officer Bailey Nune was rescued---based upon childhood tortures inflicted by his abusive father (Eric Roberts). While working the case, Laura reunites with a former FBI partner who challenges her as she also grapples with her feelings for him in the wake of her ex-fiancé's betrayal. As well as working the investigation, Simone and Matt each try to encourage Carter to begin moving forward from his broken marriage.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 5: Felicia

October 25, 2022
After overseeing the extradition of a witness on the run in the Bahamas, Simone and Carter find themselves trapped and hiding after the local police sell them out to his criminal employers. After getting back to Los Angeles with their prisoner, she and Carter discover that a rogue District Attorney was actually behind the sell out, but are able to neutralize him and recover the evidence needed. Laura and Brendon investigate a cold diamond theft/murder after Elena finds diamonds sewn into her new purse.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 6: The Reaper

November 1, 2022
Simone and Carter go undercover in a Ventura County jail to gain information from the girlfriend of a sniper. While Simone tries to gain her trust, Carter is recognized by a prisoner whom he busted three years ago. Simone is able to get information about the boyfriend, before she and the team realize that the girlfriend is actually the sniper. After she escapes by posing as a warden, the team races to find out where she is and who her target is. Brendon's father (Tom Arnold) is caught breaking and entering into his storage unit, forcing him to confront his father's behavior. Simone breaks up with DJ after feeling she needs to focus on her career, and that their relationship should not suffer because of that.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 7: Countdown

November 15, 2022
The team is called to help find a scientist who disappeared while exploring the Angeles National Forest but things change when the scientist is found dead along with traces of radioactive material, sending the team along with their counterparts at the LAPD into a race against time to find and stop a terrorist who's planning on detonating dirty bombs around downtown Los Angeles while as Laura celebrates her birthday, Brendon uses his own profiling skills in the hope of finding the ideal gift for her.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 8: Standoff

November 22, 2022
As Los Angeles prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving, the team investigate when a father and his young daughter are kidnapped by a mysterious group, the search leading to a hostage situation at the District Attorney's Office as the team struggle to apprehend the criminals with assistance from both Wesley Evers and Angela Lopez, a District Attorney and Detective assigned to LAPD Mid-Wiltshire's division while Simon and Cutty get a surprise when Simone's twin children, Billie and Max arrive home for Thanksgiving. Later, after arresting the group responsible, the team gather at Simone's house and along with Cutty, Billie and Max, for a late Thanksgiving dinner.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 9: Flashback

November 29, 2022
When Garza is arrested on charges of espionage, the team go off the grid to investigate and discover it's connected to an operation Garza worked five years ago, one that resulted in the death of the woman he was seeing at the time. The episode ends with Garza arriving at the gravesite of his dead lover and collapsing seconds later.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 10: The Silent Prisoner

January 3, 2023
With Garza undergoing surgery, the team and LAPD race to find and stop the criminal who's in possession of a list containing the names of undercover FBI agents with the case becoming personal when one agent whose cover is blown is stabbed and dies despite Brendon attempting to help him while Simone enlists John Nolan's help as she plans on remodelling her father's garage into a living space and Brendon prepares to confess his feelings to Antoinette.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 11: Close Contact

January 10, 2023
When Congressman Damien Roberts avoids being killed by a car bomb, the team investigate while as Simone and Carter are assigned to guard Damien, Laura and Brendon investigate suspects as Simone and Damien rekindle their previous relationship and Brendon prepares to take the next step in his relationship with Antoinette.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 12: Out for Blood

January 17, 2023
The team investigate when a body is found, one that has been drained of blood with the case attracting the attention of a true crime show. Brendon shares his expertise as "Vampire Cop" to help his teammates solve the case and find the murderer.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 13: The Remora

January 24, 2023
When the team are acting as 'supporting extras' in a sting operation to intercept the sale of satellite defence plans, the sale goes wrong when the original seller doesn't turn up. The team realise that they are dealing with a criminal that Carter terms "the Remora"; he stalks other criminals and kills them once they have completed a big heist to take the profits for himself, but the satellite plans were just too large for his usual approach. Meanwhile, Simone and her father are surprised to be visited by Simone's daughter and her new boyfriend, and have to decide how to deal with the young man in question.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 14: The Offer

January 31, 2023
The team's intended "housekeeping" day is complicated when billionaire Pierce Langham offers a ten million dollar bounty for the safe return of his abducted daughter Brie. Meanwhile Garza's ex-wife, Candace Thurlow, visits the team to see them in action, and offers Simone a chance to become a more public figure in the Bureau. The investigation into Brie's kidnapping reveals that it was organised by her brother Tate to prevent her taking part in a key vote that would have allowed him to take over the company, but by the time Tate's role is exposed Brie has been taken prisoner by a pair of mercenaries. When Langham refuses to pay the offered money under these circumstances, Brie betrays her father's location to her abductors, but the team are able to convince Tate to help in time to save Pierce's life. With Pierce hospitalised, Brie is able to take over the company. Simone ultimately declines Candance's offer, wanting to make changes from the inside rather than as a public figure forced to play by her rules.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 15: Dead Again

February 14, 2023
The team investigate when an investment banker is found dead even though he was declared dead six years ago and his wife accused of the crime. The subsequent investigation reveals that he was working for criminals to launder money and stole the cash for himself to run away with his mistress, who subsequently turned him over to his old associates when he was planning to run away again. Meanwhile, Simone puts the victim's ex-wife in contact with her father to help the woman rebuild her life and get back in contact with her son.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 16: For Love and Money

February 21, 2023
A sting operation to catch a serial Casanova scamming women out of money results in the team meeting detective Naomi Voss, who had been tracking the man on behalf of a past victim. The team attempt to use the man to get an in to the drug empire of Tobias Kazan, as one of the women he scammed was Tobias's wife Cora, but the scammer is subsequently found dead in his boat. When Aliz is threatened in prison, Kazan seemingly agrees to turn state's evidence in exchange for his daughter being transferred to a new prison, but the team discover in time that it was an attempt to kill Garza by blowing up the lab. Kazan gets off without consequences, while his wife refuses to turn state's evidence to ensure her daughter's protection. Meanwhile Carter and Brendon's relationships are complicated by their differing Valentines' plans with their significant others, as Carter wasn't sure it was soon enough to plan anything with Portia and Angelique claimed she didn't want anything.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 17: Payback

February 28, 2023
With Elijah Stone having been arrested by the LAPD, the FBI find themselves tracking Elijah's new partner, Abril Rodas. They discover that she is tracking down the corrupt cops who killed her father when she was an infant, but despite their best efforts, Abril ultimately claims her victim, only to die herself.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 18: Seeing Red

March 21, 2023
The seemingly simple attack on a dog-walker leads to the theft of a diplomatic bag from Belarus. When the team investigate, they discover that the bag contains forged plates for US dollars, smuggled in by the consular's son without his father's knowledge. Using Brandon's popularity in Belarus, the team attempt to sneak in to a party and retrieve the plates, but the consular's son manages to steal them for himself. Simone talks with one of her father's friends who has connections to old counterfeiting rings and they are able to find the printer and capture the son when he attempts to kill another member of the embassy staff. Brandon struggles when his sobriety sponsor falls off the wagon, but Angelique and Simone affirm that they will be there to support him. Naomi Voss encourages Simone to find a hobby to help herself relax.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 19: Burn Run

March 28, 2023
With four months having passed since they joined the team, Simone and Brendon find themselves doing inventory work with Simone's office inventory work ultimately leading her to investigate the case of a dead woman which leads the team to a reclusive business tycoon as Laura and Brendon oversee a burn run- the process of evidence being burnt but things change when a thief steals some evidence and files and Carter finds himself searching for a way to prove Fortune is innocent.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 20: I Am Many

April 18, 2023
A prisoner on death row in Idaho, soon to be executed, arranges to send remote killing devices to kill more people; the first to a San Francisco office building. Simone is sent to talk to the prisoner to find out more info.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 21: Bloodline

April 25, 2023
The FBI takes on a case from LAPD involving a serial murderer who has been leaving limbs across state lines. After the team follows a lead from Antoinette and Elena's forensic breakthroughs, the killer retaliates against Laura.

The Rookie: Feds S1, Episode 22: Red One

May 2, 2023
After an internal Investigation Unit agent is drugged and buried alive in a desert outside of Vegas, the Feds director enlists Garza's unit to discreetly investigate. Meanwhile, Simone's plans for her 49th birthday bash are sidelined.