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The Voice of Nepal (Season 5)

December 29, 2023
Season: 5
Episodes: 31
Status: released

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The Voice of Nepal (Season 5) TV Show Details:

Based on The Voice
Country Nepal
Language Nepali
GenreSinging Reality Show
Release dateDecember 29, 2023
Running time2hr
CoachesPramod Kharel
Rajesh Payal Rai
Milan Newar
Uday Sotang
Presented bySushil Nepal
WinnerBinod Rai
Created byJohn De Mol
Directed by Laxman Paudyal
Executive ProducerSushil Nepal
John De Mol
Distributor Himalaya TV

The Voice of Nepal (Season 5) TV Show Coaches (Judges):

The Voice of Nepal (Season 5) Winner:

The winner of The Voice of Nepal season 5 was Binod Rai, who was from team Milan. The runner-ups were Makar Bahadur Yonjan from team Rajesh, Kumar Prayas Rai from team Uday, and Nogen Limbu from team Pramod, respectively.


The Voice of Nepal is Nepal’s number one reality show and is the Nepalese format of the international TV singing reality series called The Voice. The show usually has four different coaches (judges), who eventually form four different teams after the selection event called the Blind Audition. Each team has to go through the battle round where contestants are paired with one another within the same team and only half of the total selected contestants from the blind audition are selected for the knockout round. During the knockout round, based on The Voice format, only the best and strongest contestants who their respective coach consider the best overall are selected by their coaches. They also have the sole right to do this on his or her own and take them to the live round (Voting Round). During the live round event, through a series of voting episodes, only one contestant with the most popular vote will advance to the grand finale.

About The Voice of Nepal (Season 5) Singing Reality Show:

The Voice of Nepal Season 5 represents a Nepali singing reality program within ‘The Voice’ franchise that is broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 8:00 PM on Himalayan TV. The show involves four coaches selecting contestants, guiding, and mentoring them to refine their talents for a chance to compete for the ultimate prize.

The first season of The Voice of Nepal was won by CD Vijaya Adhikari from Team Deep, season 2 was won by Ram Limbu from Team Pramod and season 3 was won by Kiran Gajmer from Team Pramod. The Grand Finale of season 1 was held on 14 December 2018 in Qatar stadium, the second season’s Grand finale was held at Taragaon Open Field Chuchchepati Kathmandu on 7 December 2019 and the third and fourth season’s Grand Finales were held in The Voice Studio, Dhumbarahi. The Voice of Nepal was bought by Himalaya Television.

The official Facebook page of The Voice of Nepal (VON) revealed the announcement for the digital audition of season 5.

This season introduces two fresh faces: Milan Newar from VON Kids and Uday Sotang, who will join as the newest coaches alongside Pramod Kharel and Rajesh Payal Rai.

Khalti has officially signed the agreement with ‘The Voice’ team as a voting partner in this season too.

How to vote The Voice of Nepal (Season 5) contestants:

National Voting (from Nepal)

1) Login/Sign-up to Khalti

2) Tap on ‘Voting’ under ‘Entertainment’ section

3) Tap on ‘The Voice of Nepal’

4) Choose the Coach of the Talent you want to vote for.

5) Tap on the “Vote” below the Talent’s photo.

6) Select the Vote & verify details

7) Select the Payment method & Pay

International Voting (from Outside Nepal)

1) : Login/Sign-up to

2): Go to “Vote Now” of “The Voice of Nepal” on the Home Screen

3) Choose the Coach of the Talent you want to vote for

4) Click on “Vote” below the Talent’s photo

5) Select the number of votes

6) Enter your full name, email and click ‘Submit’

7) Check details & Click on “Pay with Card”

8) Enter VISA or Mastercard details & Pay

Note: For Card Payment, Make sure your card is activated for e-commerce transactions*