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Black Knight TV Series (2023) Cast, Release Date, Episodes, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer

Black Knight TV Series (2023):

Black Knight (Korean: 택배기사) is a South Korean streaming television series, directed, written, and produced by Cho Ui-seok. It stars Kim Woo-bin, Song Seung-heon, Kang Yoo-seok, Jin Kyung, Kim Eui-sung, and Esom.

The television series is based on Lee Yoon-gyun’s webtoon Delivery Knight, depicts a dystopian future where air pollution has become serious, and tells the story of delivery drivers who play a major role in society. Black Knight was released on May 12, 2023, on Netflix.

Black Knight TV Series Information:

TV SeriesBlack Knight
Hangul 택배기사
Literally Delivery Driver
Revised RomanizationTaekbaegisa
Country South Korea
Language Korean
No. of episodes6
Release dateMay 12, 2023
StarringKim Woo-bin
Song Seung-heon
Kang Yoo-seok
Kim Eui-sung
Directed by Cho Ui-seok
Written by Cho Ui-seok
Produced by Cho Ui-seok
Based on Delivery Knight by Lee Yoon-gyun
Developed by Netflix
Music byPrimary
Production Company Project 318
Distributor Netflix
Original network Netflix
Budget₩25 billion

Black Knight TV Series Trailer:

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Black Knight TV Series Cast and Character:

  • Main
    • Kim Woo-bin as ‘5-8’, a legendary delivery driver.
    • Song Seung-heon as Ryu Seok, the wealthy heir to the Cheonmyeong Group who rules the world with oxygen as a weapon.
    • Kang Yoo-seok as Yoon Sa-wol, a refugee boy who envies ‘5-8’ and dreams of following in his footsteps as one of the Knights.
    • Esom as Jeong Seol-ah, a military intelligence officer who shares a close relationship with Sa-wol.
  • Supporting
    • Kim Eui-sung as a quick-witted grandfather, an all-around mechanic who can’t fix anything and Sa-wol’s protector.
    • Jin Kyung as Chae Jin-kyung
    • The President of South Korea.
    • Nam Kyung-eup as Ryu Jae-jin
    • The Chairman of Cheonmyeong Group, and Ryu Seok’s father.
    • Roh Yoon-seo as Jeong Seul-ah, Seol-ah’s younger sister who has lived with Sa-wol and his family.
    • Lee Joo-seung as Sa-wol’s refugee friend.
    • Jung Eun-seong as Sa-wol’s refugee friend.
    • Lee Sang-jin as Sa-wol’s refugee friend.
  • Courier at Cheonmyeong Group
    • Lee E-dam as ‘4-1’
    • Bae Yoo-ram as ‘5-7’
    • Lee Soon-won as ‘3-3’
    • Heo Hyeong-gyu as ‘1-3’
    • Bae Myung-jin as ‘2-4’
    • Yu In-hyuk as ‘4-2’
    • Jang Mi-gwan as ‘5-2’
    • Yoo Hyuk-jae as ‘8-9’
    • Yang Jeong-doo as ‘8-2’
    • Han Sang-gil as ‘7-3’
    • Zo Zee-an as ‘6-3’

Black Knight TV Series Storyline (Plot):

Black Knight is set in the year 2071 when it is impossible to live without a respirator due to extreme air pollution. With a majority of the Korean peninsula now a wasteland and only 1 percent of its original population remaining, delivery drivers play a crucial role in the survival of its inhabitants. The legendary delivery man who goes by the name ‘5-8’ with extraordinary fighting skills meets ‘Sa-wol’, a refugee who dreams of becoming a delivery driver, the only hope of refugees.

Black Knight TV Series Episodes List

Black Knight S1, Episode 1:

5-8 investigates the construction of a new district in post-apocalyptic Korea. Sa-wol and Seul-ah experience an unexpected attack.

Black Knight S1, Episode 2:

Seol-ah begins to investigate the recent tragedy. Sa-wol grapples with guilt. 5-8 discovers a dark scheme taking place in the shadows.

Black Knight S1, Episode 3:

5-8 warns Seol-ah about the chilling facts surrounding her investigation. Sa-wol partakes in an intense tournament in the hopes of becoming a deliveryman.

Black Knight S1, Episode 4:

Sa-wol advances to the final round. Ryu Seok reveals his disturbing plans for the upcoming migration, despite his father’s opposition.

Black Knight S1, Episode 5:

In the aftermath of Ryu Seok’s ploy, 5-8 plans to take him — and Cheonmyeong — down. Having finally achieved his dream, Sa-wol takes up his first mission.

Black Knight S1, Episode 6:

Confronted with a crisis, Seok executes his endgame. 5-8 and Seol-ah team up to stop Cheonmyeong once and for all.

Black Knight Season 1 All Episodes (Black Knight All Episodes Watch Online):

Black Knight TV Series FAQ:

Where can I watch Black Knight all episodes?

Black Knight Korean drama is available on Netflix.

Is there a season 2 of Black Knight?

No, Black Knight doesn’t have season 2.

How many seasons does Black Knight have?

Black Knight has only season 1.

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