Chirag Nangru Crowned King of Gaming in Playground Season 3 Under Elvish Yadav’s Mentorship

Chirag Nangru Crowned King of Gaming in Playground Season 3 Under Elvish Yadav's Mentorship
Playground Season 3 winner Chirag Nangru and mentor Elvish Yadav

Chirag Nangru, popularly known as P1ngu from the KO Krakens team, has emerged as the Ultimate Gamer in Playground Season 3, securing victory under the guidance of Elvish Yadav. The intense seven-week gaming showdown culminated in a thrilling finale where Chirag showcased exceptional skill and strategy, ultimately claiming the championship title.

The virtual battlegrounds witnessed an electrifying display of talent as Chirag, representing KO Krakens, battled his way to victory against other finalists. Mentored by Elvish Yadav, the team’s journey to success was marked by dedication, teamwork, and a passion for gaming. Chirag’s victory signifies not just individual achievement but also the spirit of collaboration and sportsmanship that defined Playground Season 3.

Expressing his excitement after the win, Chirag Nangru shared, “Gaming is my passion, and being part of Playground Season 3 has been an incredible experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my skills and compete alongside talented gamers from across India. This victory motivates me to further hone my gaming abilities and continue pushing the boundaries of excellence in the gaming world.”

Elvish Yadav, the mentor behind KO Krakens’ success, expressed his joy at Chirag’s triumph, stating, “I am thrilled to see P1ngu emerge as the season’s winner. His dedication and hard work have truly paid off. I extend my gratitude to the fans, supporters, and the entire team for their unwavering encouragement throughout this journey. Chirag’s victory is a testament to his talent and determination.”

The culmination of Playground Season 3 not only celebrates Chirag Nangru’s victory but also highlights the growing prominence of gaming in India and the platform provided by shows like Playground to recognize and elevate gaming talent in the country.


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