Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in Nepal

List of Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in Nepal

RankYouYube Channel NameSubscribersNo. of VideosTotal ViewsCategory
1Music Nepal 7.86M12,3833.4BMusic
2OSR Digital6.42M 3,7873.03BEntertainment
3Budha Subba Digital 6.4M12,9352.3BFilm
4Laka Gaming5.95M1,939846MGames
6Vfx Karki3.63M7,8342.8BEntertainment
7The Voice of Nepal 3.58M1,2391BEntertainment
8The Cartoonz Crew 3.22M181940MEntertainment
9Indreni.Com 3.14M4,0411.5BEntertainment
10Kantipur TV HD3.07M48,943828MNews
11Media Hub Official Channel 2.94M1,2301.1BEntertainment
12News24 Nepal 2.91M56,859807MNews
13Sukumaya TV 2.66M238929MEntertainment
14TANKA BUDATHOKI2.38M276556MMusic
15RamSar Media Pvt. Ltd 2.37M2,741984MEntertainment
16Tattato Khabar 2.35M1,197284MNews
17NAYA NAYA NEWS NEPAL 2.28M1,085282MPeople
18Balchhi Dhurbe 2.13M337674MEntertainment
19Prakash Saput 1.99M58298MMusic
20Kanchhi Official 1.79M89457MEntertainment
21Canada Nepal1.74M4,448197MEntertainment
22Bhatbhate Maila 1.69M195591MEntertainment
23Mechikali Khabar1.69M844234MNews
24Nepal Idol1.66M387246MEntertainment
25Onlinetv Nepal1.64M5,959469MEntertainment
  • K means thousand
  • M means million
  • B means billion


How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views in Nepal?

YouTube’s average payout rate is $2.14 for 1000 views in Nepal. However, the amount of money paid by YouTube for 1000 views can vary depending on several factors, such as the location of the viewers, the type of content, and the specific advertising rates at the time of the views.

Which is the most subscribed YouTube channel in Nepal?

Music Nepal is the most subscribed YouTube channel in Nepal with more than 7.86 million subscribers.

Which is the most viewed YouTube channel in Nepal?

Music Nepal is the most viewed YouTube channel in Nepal, with 3.4 billion views.

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