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January 26, 2023
2hr 4min
Status: released

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Adagium Movie Details:

Movie NameAdagium
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
GenreAction, Drama
Release DateJanuary 26, 2023
Running Time2hr 4min
CastPangeran Lantang
Jihane Almira
Angga Asyafriena
Directed by Rizal Mantovani
Written byTitien Wattimena
Rizal Mantovani
Produced byIrving Artemas
Anto Hoed
Maria Lucky
Cinematography by Yadi Sugandi
Edited by Ganda Harta
Music byAnto Hoed
Production CompanyBrainstorminc Entertainment
Distributor Brainstorminc Entertainment

Adagium Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Pangeran Lantang as Bian
  • Jihane Almira as Alenda
  • Angga Asyafriena as Arga
  • Hans de Kraker as Maldred
  • Irving Artemas as dr Frans
  • T. Rifnu Wikana as Guntur
  • Matt Williams as Bar thug
  • Mike Lucock as Nosluc


Arga and Bian were childhood friends. When they turned teenagers, a girl named Alenda joined their little pact. Alenda was a gifted hacker to the point of genius, where she modified an old laptop to suit her hacking skills. After finishing high school, Alenda continued her studies as a computer programmer at a university. Arga continued his studies at the same university as Alenda in Law, whereas Bian, an aspiring young painter, worked as an online driver to make ends meet. Regularly they all meet up with Alenda. Arga and Bian both had a crush on Alenda. One day Arga was caught up in online debt that put his life at risk. Using her special skills, Alenda silently helps Arga by hacking into the system and deleting his debt. Knowing this, Arga got angry because he thought that he could have taken care of the issue himself. When Arga sees Alenda kiss Bian, Arga’s jealousy and anger reach their climax. He decided to leave behind both of their lives behind after he purposely started a feud with Bian. Arga and Bian finally met up, and they opened up an old chat app that Alenda had made while they were in high school, and there they saw an encrypted message. They both realize that Alenda is a grave danger.

About Adagium Movie:

  • Adagium was released in Indonesia on January 26, 2023.