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Berbalas Kejam

February 16, 2023
1hr 49min
Status: released

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Amazon Prime Video

Berbalas Kejam Movie Details:

Movie NameBerbalas Kejam
Also known asInnocent Vengeance
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
GenreMystery, Thriller
Release DateFebruary 16, 2023
Running Time1hr 49min
Age rating16+
CastReza Rahadian
Laura Basuki
Directed by Teddy Soeriaatmadja
Written byTeddy Soeriaatmadja
Produced byTeddy Soeriaatmadja
Baim Wong
Cinematography by Vera Lestafa
Edited by Yoga Krispratama
Music byRicky Lionardi
Andi Prasetio
Production Design byBenny Lauda
Production CompanyTiger Wong Pictures
Karuna Pictures
Distributor Amazon Prime Video

Berbalas Kejam Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Reza Rahadian as Adam Gunawan
  • Laura Basuki as Amanda
  • Baim Wong as Karni
  • Yoga Pratama as Diaz
  • Kiki Narendra as Gyat Santoso
  • Haydar Salishz as Franky Tamba
  • Athar Barakbah as Nara (Adam’s Son)
  • Niken Anjani as Lina (Adam’s Wife)
  • Irgi Fahrezi as Kian
  • Diandra Valini Edward as Karni’s Wife
  • Kenzi Bangun as Karni’s Son
  • Naomi Christie as Gyat’s Wife
  • Abe Rahman as Policeman 1
  • Edo Fakas as Policeman 2
  • Yasmi Panggilan Sahrikan as Policeman 3
  • Laras Ardhia as Reporter


Adam, a talented architect has been living in a traumatic state for two years after his family was brutally murdered in front of him. Adam has been living in fear and trauma. His therapist Amanda advice him to learn self-forgiveness. The journey of a broken man on a mission of vendetta will make Adam decide between moving on and letting go of the past or discover a dark side he was never aware of.

About Berbalas Kejam Movie:

  • The film marks Baim Wong’s producing debut under his production company Tiger Wong Entertainment.
  • The first look of the film, along with its release date, was unveiled on January 25, 2023, followed by the trailer drop on February 7, 2023.
  • Berbalas Kejam was released on Amazon Prime Video on February 16, 2023. The film received two nominations at the 2023 Indonesian Film Festival: Best Actor for Rahadian and Best Supporting Actor for Pratama.