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Crush Kong Curly

December 17, 2021
1hr 41min
Status: released

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Crush Kong Curly Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino, Tagalog
GenreComedy, Drama
Release dateApr 13, 2024
Running time1h 41m
StarringAJ Raval
Wilbert Ross
Gina Pareño
Directed by G.B. Sampedro
Written byConn Escobar
GB Sampedro
Conn Escobar
Produced byVincent Del Rosario III
Vic Del Rosario Jr
Valerie S. Del Rosario
Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus
GB Sampedro
June Torrejon-Rufino
Cinematography by AB Garcia
Edited by Geoffrey William
Music byFrancis De Veyra
Production CompanyViva Films
Five 2 Seven Entertainment Production
Distributor Vivamax
Amazon Prime Video

Crush Kong Curly Movie Cast & Characters:

  • AJ Raval as Elle
  • Wilbert Ross as Peter
  • Gina Pareño as Lola Elvira
  • Maui Taylor as Pia
  • Jao Mapa as Matthew
  • Loren Mariñas as Cherry
  • Madelaine Red as Eloisa
  • Gene Padilla as Father Pads
  • Chad Kinis as Kip
  • Andrew Muhlach as Dong
  • Ava Mendez as Kylie (as Sab Aggabao)
  • Gab Lagman as Brian
  • Gwen Garci as Surgeon
  • Jobelyn Manuel as Maritess
  • Billy Villeta as Bong
  • Kedebon Colim as Fan of Elle
  • Jex De Castro as Husband
  • Jean Kiley Manguera as Wife (as Jean Kiley)
  • Yuki Sakamoto as Korean Nurse
  • Apphle Celso as Student (as Apple Celzo)
  • Elize Mariano as Student
  • Jastine Lim as Student
  • Martin Venegas as Student
  • Keagan De Jesus as Student
  • Julius Gareza as Student
  • Joaquin Canlas as Student
  • Jhoas Sumatra as Student
  • Christopher Odtuhan as Delivery Guy (as CJ Odtuhan)
  • Darrel Manuel as Delivery Guy


When a curly camgirl Elle meets an architect, Peter, she believes she’s ready to love again. How long can she keep her secret job to him?

About Crush Kong Curly Movie:

Crush Kong Curly was released on Vivamax on December 17, 2021.

Crush Kong Curly movie is now available on the streaming platform Vivamax. You can watch through the website ( as well as the Vivamax app.