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Everything Everywhere All at Once

March 25, 2022
2hr 19min
Status: released

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Everything Everywhere All at Once Movie Details:

Country United States
Language English, Mandarin, Cantonese
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy
Premiered onMarch 11, 2022 (SXSW)
Release dateMarch 25, 2022 (United States)
Running time2hr 19min
Age ratingR
CastMichelle Yeoh
Stephanie Hsu
Ke Huy Quan
Jenny Slate
Harry Shum Jr.
James Hong
Jamie Lee Curtis
Directed by Daniel Kwan
Daniel Scheinert
Written byDaniel Kwan
Daniel Scheinert
Produced byAnthony Russo
Joe Russo
Mike Larocca
Daniel Kwan
Daniel Scheinert
Jonathan Wang
Peter Tam Lee
Cinematography by Larkin Seiple
Edited by Paul Rogers
Music bySon Lux
Production CompanyIAC Films
Gozie AGBO
Year of the Rat
Ley Line Entertainment
Distributor A24

Everything Everywhere All at Once Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Quan Wang, a dissatisfied and overwhelmed laundromat owner; and as several other versions of Evelyn in alternate universes.
  • Stephanie Hsu as Joy Wang, Evelyn’s daughter; and Jobu Tupaki, Alpha-Evelyn’s omnicidal daughter whose growing nihilism is a threat to the entire multiverse.
  • Ke Huy Quan as Waymond Wang, Evelyn’s meek and goofy husband whose humanist existentialism is the antidote to Jobu’s nihilism; and as Alpha-Waymond, from the Alphaverse; and other versions of Waymond in alternate universes.
  • James Hong as Gong Gong (Cantonese for “grandfather”), Evelyn’s demanding father; and Alpha-Gong Gong, Alpha-Evelyn’s father in the Alphaverse who wants Evelyn to sacrifice Joy to impede Jobu.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Deirdre Beaubeirdre, an IRS inspector; and as other versions of Deirdre in alternate universes.
  • Jenny Slate as Debbie the Dog Mom, a laundromat customer. Her original name of Big Nose was changed for the film’s digital release because of its association with Jewish stereotypes and Antisemitism.
  • Harry Shum Jr. plays Chad, a teppanyaki chef working alongside an alternative Evelyn in another universe.
  • Tallie Medel appears as Becky Sregor, Joy’s girlfriend.
  • Biff Wiff appears as Rick, a laundromat customer.
  • Sunita Mani and Aaron Lazar appear as actors in a musical film Evelyn watched.
  • Audrey Wasilewski and Peter Banifaz appear as Alpha RV Officers.
  • Andy Le as Alpha Trophy Jumpers
  • Brian Le appear as Alpha Trophy Jumpers
  • Li Jing appears as Evelyn’s kung-fu teacher
  • Michiko Nishiwaki appears as Evelyn’s kung-fu opponent and co-star.


With her laundromat teetering on the brink of failure and her marriage to wimpy husband Waymond on the rocks, overworked Evelyn Wang struggles to cope with everything, including tattered relationships with her judgmental father Gong Gong and her daughter Joy. She must also brace herself for an unpleasant meeting with an impersonal bureaucrat: Deirdre, the shabbily-dressed IRS auditor. However, as the stern agent loses patience, an inexplicable multiverse rift becomes an eye-opening exploration of parallel realities. Will Evelyn jump down the rabbit hole? How many stars are in the universe? Can weary Evelyn fathom the irrepressible force of possibilities, tap into newfound powers, and prevent an evil entity from destroying the thin, countless layers of the unseen world?

Everything Everywhere All at Once Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Budget$14.3–25 million
Domestic Opening$501,305
Domestic Collection$77,191,785
International Collection$66,219,571
Worldwide Collection$143,411,356

About Everything Everywhere All at Once Movie:

Everything Everywhere All at Once is an American absurdist comedy-drama film written and directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, who produced it with Anthony and Joe Russo and Jonathan Wang. The film incorporates elements from several genres and film media, including surreal comedy, science fiction, fantasy, martial arts films, immigrant narrative, and animation.

Michelle Yeoh stars as Evelyn Quan Wang, a Chinese-American immigrant who, while audited by the IRS, discovers that she must connect with parallel universe versions of herself to prevent a powerful being from destroying the multiverse. The film also stars Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr., and James Hong in supporting roles.

Kwan and Scheinert began work on the project in 2010. Production was announced in 2018, and principal photography ran from January to March 2020.

The filmmakers initially sought Jackie Chan for the lead role before the script was revised to feature a female protagonist as part of a husband-and-wife duo.

The works of Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-wai, the children’s book Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, and the video game Everything, inspired several scenes. The film explores philosophical themes such as existentialism, nihilism, surrealism, and absurdism, as well as themes such as neurodivergence, depression, generational trauma, and Asian American identity. Its soundtrack features compositions by Son Lux, including collaborations with Mitski, David Byrne, André 3000, John Hampson, and Randy Newman.

Everything Everywhere All at Once premiered at South by Southwest on March 11, 2022, and began a limited theatrical release in the United States on March 25, before a wide release by A24 on April 8. The film grossed over $143 million worldwide, becoming A24’s highest-grossing film.

It garnered positive reviews, gained a cult following, and won seven Academy Awards out of eleven nominations: Best Picture, Best Actress for Yeoh, Best Supporting Actor for Quan, Best Supporting Actress for Curtis, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for Kwan and Scheinert, and Best Film Editing.

It also won two Golden Globe Awards, five Critics’ Choice Awards (including Best Picture), a BAFTA Award, a record four SAG Awards (including Best Ensemble), a record seven Independent Spirit Awards (including Best Feature), and swept the four major guild awards (DGA, PGA, SAG, and WGA).