Knock at the Cabin Movie (2023) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

Knock at the Cabin

February 3, 2023
1hr 40min
Status: released

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Knock at the Cabin Movie Details:

Based onThe Cabin at the End of the World by Paul G. Tremblay
Country United States
Language English
Release dateJanuary 30, 2023 (Rose Hall)
February 3, 2023 (United States)
Running time1hr 40min
Age ratingR
StarringDave Bautista
Jonathan Groff
Ben Aldridge
Nikki Amuka-Bird
Kristen Cui
Abby Quinn
Rupert Grint
Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
Screenplay byM. Night Shyamalan
Steve Desmond
Michael Sherman
Produced byM. Night Shyamalan
Marc Bienstock
Ashwin Rajan
Cinematography by Jarin Blaschke
Lowell A. Meyer
Edited by Noemi Katharina Preiswerk
Music byHerdís Stefánsdóttir
Production CompanyUniversal Pictures
Blinding Edge Pictures
FilmNation Entertainment
Wishmore Entertainment
Distributor Universal Pictures

Knock at the Cabin Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Dave Bautista as Leonard Brocht
  • Jonathan Groff as Eric
  • Ben Aldridge as Andrew
  • Nikki Amuka-Bird as Sabrina
  • Rupert Grint as Redmond
    • Abby Quinn as Adriane
  • Kristen Cui as Wen
  • M. Night Shyamalan as an infomercial host


While vacationing at a remote cabin, a young girl and her parents are taken hostage by four armed strangers who demand that the family make an unthinkable choice to avert the apocalypse. With limited access to the outside world, the family must decide what they believe before all is lost.

Knock at the Cabin Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Budget$20 million
Worldwide Collection$54.8 million

About Knock at the Cabin Movie:

The film is based on the 2018 novel The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul G. Tremblay, the first adaptation of one of his works.

The Black List and GLAAD List listed the initial draft by Steve Desmond and Michael Sherman as one of the most popular unproduced screenplays of 2019.

The film received an R-rating from the Motion Picture Association for “violence and language”, making it Shyamalan’s second film to receive that rating after The Happening (2008).

As with director M. Night Shyamalan’s last movie, Old (2021), Knock at the Cabin will be shot on 35mm film. Shyamalan and his cinematographer Jarin Blaschke used lenses from the 1990s to give the film a “classic ’90s thriller look”.

Cinematographer Jarin Blaschke, best known for his collaborations with director Robert Eggers, previously worked with M. Night Shyamalan on the series Servant (2019). Knock at the Cabin is Shyamalan’s first film since 2016 not photographed by Mike Gioulakis.

Nikki Amuka-Bird and Rupert Grint previously worked with Shyamalan. Amuka-Bird was in Old (2021) and Grint was in Servant (2019).

Nikki Amuka-Bird and Jonathan Groff previously starred in a Lana Wachowski film. Amuka-Bird was in Jupiter Ascending (2015) and Groff was in The Matrix Resurrections (2021).

This was the last film from M. Night Shyamalan to be released by Universal as soon after its release he signed a multi-year deal with Warner Bros. Pictures.

Knock at the Cabin premiered in New York City at the Rose Hall on January 30, 2023, and was theatrically released in the United States on February 3, 2023, by Universal Pictures. The release was originally set for February 17 before being brought forward by two weeks as to avoid competition with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. It received generally positive reviews from critics and has grossed over $54 million worldwide.

Knock at the Cabin was released for VOD on February 21, 2023, followed with a Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K UHD release by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment on May 9, 2023.