Kukejar Mimpi Movie Poster

Kukejar Mimpi

March 21, 2024

Kukejar Mimpi Movie Details:

Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
Release dateMarch 21, 2024
Running timeTBA
CastOka Antara
Verdi Solaiman
Azela Putri
Aisyah Aqilah
Attala Rafid
Directed by Indra Gunawan
Written byTBA
Produced byHusni Ramdan
Cinematography by TBA
Edited by TBA
Music byTBA
Production companyKG Pictures

Kukejar Mimpi Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Oka Antara
  • Verdi Solaiman
  • Azela Putri
  • Aisyah Aqilah as Mimpi
  • Attala Rafid
  • Jenda Munthe
  • Chloe Abigail Tjoa
  • Blessy Tangel
  • Patty Sandya
  • Stef Klink
  • Didi Roa


The story of a high school girl named Mimpi who wants to become a cheerleader. She and her friends then struggled to show their existence in the midst of a school situation that likes to fight.

About Kukejar Mimpi Movie:

Kukejar Mimpi is an upcoming Indonesian drama film directed by Indra Gunawan and starring Oka Antara, Verdi Solaiman, Azela Putri, Aisyah Aqilah, Attala Rafid, Jenda Munthe and Chloe Abigail Tjoa.

The filming occurred in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is the first Cheerleaders movie in Indonesia.

Kukejar Mimpi is scheduled to be released in Indonesia on March 21, 2024.

Where to Watch Kukejar Mimpi (Stream)

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