Bismillah Kunikahi Suamimu Movie Poster

Bismillah Kunikahi Suamimu

February 23, 2023
1hr 46min

Bismillah Kunikahi Suamimu Movie Details:

Based onBismillah Kunikahi Suamimu by Vyntiana Itari
Country Indonesia
Language Indonesian
GenreRomance, Drama
Release dateFebruary 23, 2023
Running time1hr 46min
CastMikha Tambayong
Syifa Hadju
Rizky Naza
Directed by Benni Setiawan
Screenplay byBenni Setiawan
Produced byManoj Punjabi
Shania Punjabi (executive producer)
Cinematography by Rahmat Syaiful
Edited by Ryan Purwoko
Music byRicky Lionardi
Production companyMD Pictures
Distributor Antenna Entertainment (Malaysia, theatrical)
MAXstream (Indonesia, video)

Bismillah Kunikahi Suamimu Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Mikha Tambayong as Hanna
  • Syifa Hadju as dr Cathy
  • Rizky Nazar as Malik
  • Refal Hady as Erol
  • Unique Priscilla as Rosie
  • Dede Yusuf as Paul
  • Sarah Felicia as Christine
  • Ruth Marini as Ipah
  • Dea Panendra as Sumi
  • Dwi Yan as dr Mulya
  • Karan Sukarno Walia as Uncle Saleh
  • Rowiena Umboh as Aunt Saleh


Malik (Rizky Nazar) and Hanna (Mikha Tambayong) are expecting the birth of their first child. During a pregnancy consultation, Hanna’s regular organ is unable to attend, and she is replaced by doctor Cathy (Syifa Hadju), who turns out to be her best friend in high school, who also happens to be Malik’s ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, Hanna is diagnosed with cancer which threatened herself and her baby, and she needs to have an operation. The doctor says that Hanna’s chances of surviving after the operation is very small. Hanna realizes that she may not live for long and before she dies, she requests Malik to marry Cathy. Malik and Cathy strongly refuse the crazy request, but Hanna is determined. After asking for the family’s approval, the marriage’s proposal and consent are carried out at the hospital, in Hanna’s presence. The three of them are now involved in a complicated love triangle and polygamy.

About Bismillah Kunikahi Suamimu Movie:

  • Bismillah Kunikahi Suamimu is an Indonesian romantic drama film written and directed by Benni Setiawan. The film stars Rizky Nazar, Mikha Tambayong, and Syifa Hadju in the lead roles along.
  • The film is based on the novel of the same name by Vyntiana Itari.
  • Bismillah Kunikahi Suamimu was theatrically released in Indonesia on February 23, 2023.

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